If they do work could you clarify if the vibration feature works too?? If your game uses HID Manager, then you won’t need to do anything else in order for your gamepad to work. Erik Humphrey 1 5 Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Nov 26, 6: Readers attempting to help you deserve thank-you’s and upvotes!

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I have tried external applications like USB Overdrive which works, but it flips the thumbsticks for meControllerMate which doesn’t let me control the mouse without registeringand GamePad Companion which also requires registration.

Post back here if you can – would be interesting to know since I don’t have one myself: Here is a guy who’s found out how to get the F to work on MAc. All the buttons work, even the presure controller L2 and R2 are reading correctly as they are depressed.

Great job Allicorn, I can finally play this game with a twin stick controller These last tools are useful especially if you have a controller that only has driver support for Windows. Yes to all three of them. User profile for user: Unfortunately, if you shut your Mac down at night like I do, you’ll have to go through the same steps to reattach the F to the Mac. While the Mac platform has not been noted for catering to hard-core gamers, there are still many popular gaming titles and gaming accessories available for the Mac OS.

Keep up the good work, and great game.

How to connect game controllers to your Mac – CNET

Change the F to “D” DirectInput mode 2. I always have a text editor open for one reason or another anyway. However, it wasn’t easy.


Did all that, Xinput shows my Dualshock is working ie X button is a A key on the xbox controller test etc. Your choices as far as ones you can try without buying are pretty limited. I couldn’t get the Logitech profiller software to work, and apps like Xpadder also can’t correctly be programmed to work with a game like this as it tries to assign buttons on your controller to keyboard keys, and well.

Gaming How to connect game controllers to your Mac If you have a gaming controller lying around, chances are you can use it with your Mac.

I have a feeling that’s what I’ll use in the future since that will be a lot simpler. Also, after finding a solution, please make sure to mark your post using the “edit solved status” or “flair” button. Please make sure to include the following:.

team fortress 2 controllers – Playing the game with Wingman RumblePad (OS X / Mac) – Arqade

FYI Mangolassi needs some sort of quoting feature. Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it’s disabled i. Your model of MaciPhoneiPadiPodetcetera. But do that with the above example would mean I’d have to indent all lines?

Dec 5, 2: To use any of these controllers with your system, you will first need to connect it to your system physically, and then install a driver package to make use of the controller’s inputs.

How to connect game controllers to your Mac

I can move rumblepadd cursor around the screen on Heckabomb using the Dualshock4 touchpad, but the sticks and buttons don’t seem to do anything at all. Maybe it’s not detecting it right in which case that little diagnostic tool in the other thread may be able to read some different values from that one too if you fancy giving it a try.


Yeah, I actually had ot working perfectly by adding some of the Xbox emulator files directly into the game folder, but after I closed the game and tried to relaunch it, my Rumblepad2 no longer works. We’re here to help, and this is the easiest way for us to do that.

It’s not great, but it is definitely there.

Mac compatible gamepad?

I tried to run your profiller app with my Dualshock4 as I did with my RumblePad 2 to post some test results that might in some way help you, but the program wouldn’t let me test it saying that my Dualshock4 configuration is already in the game. Actually I just saw that your game supports the PS4 controller, which I have several of as we own two PS4 systems, heh.

Dec 4, 9: If not, the rumble may not work, as there’s no way to map that in. These posts will be deleted.