Show all Show less. You can download the driver from here and itis totally free of cost. For instructions on how to install the processor fan heat sink to the integrated processor fan heat sink RM, refer to the boxed processor manual or the Intel World Wide Web site http: Copies of documents which have an ordering number and are referenced in this document, or other Intel literature, may be obtained from Intel Corporation by going to the World Wide Web site at: They can vary in their location, but are consistent in format. For brevity, only one example is shown. AGP is a high-performance interface for graphics-intensive applications, such as 3D graphics.

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Poor audio quality may occur if passive non-amplified speakers are connected to this output. This image is an example of the label placement on a board.

How to Identify Your IntelĀ® Desktop Board

Contents 1 Desktop Board Features Components Board labels provide the following product information:. Primary master, primary slave, secondary master, and secondary slave. Moving the jumper with the power on may result in unreliable computer operation.

Power and Hardware Control Connectors Answered on Oct 02, So do it with experts if u are a rookie. System identification information screen The system identification jntel screen in BIOS Setup provides the following product information: Midboard Connectors Audio Connectors Figure 14 shows the location of the audio connectors.



Computer Links Level 3 Expert Answers. The drive Disc resides in the Box of the system. Recent Popular Answered Unanswered.

This list will display up to four removable devices, the maximum number of removable devices supported by the BIOS. If you don’t find your AA number in these tables, then you likely have a board from a computer manufacturer. Not finding what you are looking for?

Installing a Front Panel Audio Boaed To install the cable that connects the front panel audio solution to the front panel audio header, follow these steps: Don’t include the last three characters of the AA number -xxx in the search. Includes adjacent UL file number for Intel desktop boards: Answered on Nov 14, Interrupts Interrupts Table You can download the driver from here and itis totally free of cost. Answered on Oct 24, Each manufacturer is different, and it usually tells you which button to push to access your bios in those few seconds that you have to do so.


Example board label showing serial number and AA number: To solve this please or recall what part of the BIOS that you mistakenly configured or in any installing activity you have done.

Intel does not offer technical or warranty support for a board distributed by a computer manufacturer. Support Home Boards and Kits. Your computer manufacturer can customize desktop boards to enable or alter features, or provide operation on your computer.

Peripheral Configuration Submenu Maintenance Main This submenu shown in Table 12 is used for configuring computer peripherals. We appreciate all feedback, but inte reply or give product support. Hi, You should have the sound driver for your PC boar the driver disc. Safari Chrome IE Firefox. The BIOS file is included in an automated update utility which combines the functionality of the Intel Flash Memory Update Utility and the ease-of use of Windows-based installation wizards.