X-Firefox is a totally portable version of Firefox, Mozilla’s popular open-source Web browser. Mozilla’s core underpins many Firefox rivals, offering Firefox-like functionality with individual touches. But X-Firefox isn’t a Firefox clone or wannabee; it’s Firefox, the whole kit and caboodle, just rendered portable. It functions in nearly every way like the installed version of Firefox, only it runs from a different location, one that can be a USB drive or other external storage device.

With X-Firefox, you can carry your personalized browser with you and run it on different machines without having to customize each Firefox installation. X-Firefox is available in two Firefox releases, 3.

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03 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes. What’s new in this version: Version 1. 03 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug 22 gives you many options to save and view a Web page, or just a section of it without formatting. However, it wasn’t as robust as promised. The program adds a number of choices to the context window in Internet Explorer, including saving selected areas to a text file or speaking selected sections aloud.

ieSaver saves Web page content much better than it speaks it. There’s only 2522 voice choice and it’s so robotic that it’s nearly unintelligible. We did like the ability to remove applied styles from a page and see the basic text and hyperlinks it contains without flash animation or cascade style sheets.

There are other tools included but most require some understanding of coding terms; for example, the option to Remove improper CRLFs when saving Web content.


In addition to saving or speaking pages or page sections, there are quick print options. In some cases, ieSaver is just a time-saver over View Source, and we can’t recommend it for its speech capabilities. You’ll have 30 days to see if this specialized tool is right for you.

Sponsored Free Visual Analysis Turn 22 into data visualizations with SAP Lumira Download NowDownload Now Publisher’s Description From Qi Tech: The ieSaver is an add-on component for IE (Internet Explorer).

It provides extended commands for you to save, listen, view or print some particular contents on Web pages when you use IE to surf the Internet.

You can always open new windows when clicking links by setting an option. Some times when you open a Web page to read something you are interested in, there are some contents not being showed properly.

ieSaver can show them correctly.

Most of 22 pages consist of HTML tables, in which many undesired contents are displayed. Those undesired contents interfere with reading and printing. The ieSaver removes those undesired contents and saves or shows the only content you need.

When you right click on an item and select an ieSaver command, the ieSaver parses the current Web page, finds the content you just clicked on, and saves or shows the content only.

If the content includes non-ANSI charset, ieSaver saves it as Unicode file. Version 3. 1 supports IE7 tabbing feature. Despite the claims of this Internet Explorer plug-in, we only encountered snags 22 not our online soulmate when using this toolbar.


D8bar adds an unobtrusive search field to IE.

It offers free online dating help, linking you to a variety of online dating and chat sites and services. However, none of the links from the D8bar home page worked; all the linked sites came up as temporarily out of service.

Further, IE crashed during our tests after installing D8bar.

In repeated tests, IE shut down and a message box popped up saying D8bar was running while IE tried to launch.

We turned up too many bugs with this free browser add-on to recommend it.

But don’t give up on online romance yet, there are plenty 25 other fish and dating services in the online sea.

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Browse3D works like a tabbed browser but the open Web pages are easier to find and use since their image is always visible on one of the 3 walls.

2522 search and anti pop-up features are integrated with XP SP2. Pre-load Web pages and eliminate the wait.