In reply to this post by Marcel Koopmans Not supported unable to receive file listing: Our flagship SecureToken ST3 is a lightweight PKI token that is cost effective and has been proven to work better than other well known international brands. The electronic passport or “ePassport” , which by now has been introduced in many countries, is an implementation of these standards. Screensaver standard Windows functionality – pulling card should lock screen, insert unlocks perhaps with PIN. This card is already personalized, unable to create PKCS 15 structure.

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The Net iD Card Portal is a complete card management system for issuing, activating, unblocking and renewing smart cards. Contact Aventra for more information. You can get more information about Feitian at www.

Install PCSC lite pcsc-lite Combines the private-key from the previously-stored PKCS8 file and the newly returned digital certificate, into linu PKCS12 file that can be used for importation into desired applications.

Nothing OpenSC can fix.

GemSAFE GPK + Linux/Unix

In reply to this post by Marcel Koopmans-2 Marcel Koopmans wrote: Free forum by Linx. Grid it should be possible to get proxy certificates signed by the card. To learn more and to download the software today, visit versasec.


Gemeafe also cannot initialize the card using opensc. Distinguishing features of the Net iD client is enhanced support in Windows Terminal Server and Citrix Presentation Server, as well as support for a variety of different smart cards.

Get a list of tokens, delete tokens etc. NEVR This is done with the same reader and card, just a different machine. CmdPowerOn Card absent or mute ifdhandler. Using this product an organization can setup a secure platform for online banking, transaction, identity verification and data exchange.

This certificate is unusable for applications. The thing is multithreaded.

Title field value.

Is there any reason for the differences? Bouncycastle Bouncycastle website Using Bouncycastle you can create your own tools and applications, or PKI enable your existing java applications.

The Gemsxfe have been designed for high-availability and can be clustered for maximum reliability. It is a framework that can be customized to specific needs using simple plug-in modules. Wrong parameter s P1-P2 card-gpk. BlueX eID Management is a complete token management system that provides a clear set of workflows for every step in the lifecycle of an eID. In reply to this post by Marcel Koopmans To me everything looks “normal” to me: Ideas, requests, problems regarding TWiki?


Contact SecMaker for more information.

I had some success with it. Card initialized in an incompatible way. How to use OpenSC tools e. Feitian Feitian is dedicated to being gemsfe leading innovator of smartcard and chip operating ilnux based security technologies and applications.

Free software To build a successful PKI you can benefit from a lot of tools available. Using Debian Linux, muscle, opensc my options are very limited. OpenSC provides a set of libraries and utilities to work with smart cards. For more information visit the IDAdmin product page.