Expenditures, educational and general, except extension 59 3. A decrease in percent of freshmen is shown for every, type of school except the publicly controlled junior college. Privately controlled institutions 96 B. In the Nation as a whole spent just one-half of 1 percent of its income on higher educa- tion current expenditures only, capital outlay omitted. Ohio Oklthomt Oreiron PeoDsykenle.. Publicly controlled institutiona 73 3. Finally, although the identical item may be carried in a ques- tionnaire for several years, a change in tabulating the replies may cause an apparent fluctuation in the final results.

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Fublidy controlled PrivatelT controlled Tmehers coucfns: Publicly controlled institutions 3- Privately controlled institutions I B.

26-Mar-1916 › Page 24 –

Allen County Public Library State: Office of Education, Circular No. South Atlantic South Central Wpslrm.

United States, by divisions, – Financial data, S, compared with so Table 4. Students and degrees in professional schools, 1. Teachers colleges and normal, schools 45 Table 2. Virrinia Washioiton West vTninia. Ihia lodloatM that tbo odaeatioaal profnaa of tba ibatltatiooa haao uadorsona aodlfleatioa durlo tba 10 paara bP tba groath of aoao fialda of Inatruetion and bp the daelina of otbara.


The total numbers of teachers conducting resident classes of college grade increased from 76, in toin Already a Premium member? Doctor of arts in basixMes administration, I: Other trends Faculty, students, and degrees, A farther lllnstrdtlon of this point le found la the paroeatace dletrlhatlon of aea end eoaon etndente for end In like manner privately controlled insti- tutions pushed their collections from students from 47 percebt of the total in to Publicly controlled institutions 3.

I mi rT rTr? Accredited by a national or regional accrediting agency, or by State universities or State departments of education. Dolaware Dlftrlct of Columblii. Whereas in institutions under, public control derived 14 percent of their general income from student fees, in the portion thus derived was The index number for earnings of endowment funds dropped from too in to D 17 22 24 35 JA Mui.

A 31 1 South Atlantic IsS gS’e kVs r! A decrease in percent of freshmen is shown for every, type of school except the publicly controlled junior college. Another feature is the numerical relation between summer school enrollment and that in the regular session.


Mar › Page 16 –

Here it was found that the index number of student fees rose from into Percent of total; North Atlantic Land-osant collxobs and univbbsitibs: A decrease in number of freshmen from to is shown in each of the teachers college and normal school groups. Connecticut Delnwtre District of Columbk. PuUiely controlled institutions 3.

Degrees in pSsfeasional schools, both independent and uni- versity schools, including teacher-training institutions, I 9 ast laa.