The speakers are located on the front of the notebook, on either side of the display latch. Matte is the name of the game, and in my opinion is the only way to go on a notebook intended for business use. As seen below, light leakage is not significant and only bleeds from the bottom centre of the display. Depending on configuration, the Latitude D can currently be equipped with either an Intel Celeron M 1. Nothing special to see here, folks.

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Left view from left to right: Overall, I am pleased with the keyboard and touchpad offered by the Latitude D This machine was purchased for a non-profit organization and is intended for accounting and word processing while seeing a fair bit of travel. Front view from left to right: Visit our network of sites: The touchpad itself is comfortable to use if a bit small, and the included drivers can easily be set up for virtual scrolling.

Sound quality is impressive, providing good clarity at any volume and excellent base for a notebook without an gluetooth subwoofer.

Solid build quality with little flex, Strike Zone hard drive protection Clean and sleek looks that will do well in a business environment Impressive battery life Good office application performance Included but not standard 8x DVD Writer Solid keyboard and touchpad Excellent screen resolution options though this machine is not configured as such Cons: In my few years of owning and working with Dell notebooks, I have yet had to actually call Dell customer support for technical help.

The screen is evenly lit, has excellent contrast and brightness and is highly viewable in all environments including direct sunlight. Super Pi Comparison Results calculating Pi to 2 million digits of accuracy.


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The Latitude D came in a standard brown Dell box — all business. For me, the marginal increase in weight was easily worth the additional battery life so I jumped on the 6 cell. Under less strident usage such as taking wifi out of the equation I can easily see exceeding 5 if not 5. Depending on configuration, the Latitude D can currently be equipped with either an Intel Celeron M 1.

The keys themselves click comfortably with a decent range of movement, are spaced out well and the control button is placed where it should be — to the left of the function key.

dell Buy Direct From Manufacturer. I wanted something durable and reliable with good battery life, but at the same time I wanted to get the best value possible.

Less than exciting from the outside, the Latitude D offers a bit of a surprise when opened. Rear view from left to right: To put it straight — this battery does not disappoint.

Dell Latitude D520 laptop Bluetooth device drivers

Configuring the Latitude D gives you the option of a standard 4 cell battery of a 6 cell for no additional cost. This was all while the machine was sitting on my desk — as one of the fan intakes and the cooling for the memory are located on the bottom of the notebook, using it on a soft surface will most likely increase latitudf and noise noticeably but not significantly. To put the cherry on the cake, the battery life can be checked while the machine is off using a 5 LED battery meter built into the laritude.

At the same time, I refrained from upgrading to the T as I knew the TE delll provide more than sufficient muscle for the task intended.


[ubuntu] Dell latitude D can not enable bluetooth

The large touchpad buttons are a dream to use as they are both quiet and offer a solid feeling when clicked. Bootup is quick, blurtooth open almost instantly and Blyetooth have yet to experience any lag whatsoever and I doubt the eventual users of this machine ever will. Nothing special to see here, folks. Under regular usage — browsing the internet wirelessly while listening to music streamed over the network — the fan stayed off and the machine buletooth cool and comfortable with the only noticeable heat gain being under the left palm rest and this was minimal.

Opening the machine up provides a nice internal contrast from the bland exterior with a strong solid dark gray design surrounding the screen and keyboard. There is nothing to surprise here, though the option to add Bluetooth if desired is a welcome bluetootg. The Latitude D I purchased is configured as follows: Right view from left to right: As I was on a tight budget with other priorities, I skimped slightly on the screen and outfitted this model with the basic I am sad to see that the pointing stick of the Latitude D has yet to find its way down the chain, but many users buletooth unfamiliar with the use of a pointing stick and I have a feeling it would be well received where this machine is going.