The Pentium M is a great processor, and if you have one with speeds of 1. My man wants some of those info badly, though we told him the info have all gone and he has the believe in us that we can still do something to get them back. The actual mouse buttons below the touchpad on the Inspiron m are a little clunky and loud when clicked, but no huge complaints, they work. A slight fall would leave this notebook hurting and likely cracked. Before you installed the other drivers, you MUST have installed the chipset driver and notebook system software. The plastic is not exactly rugged either, you can push in on the case in places and cause it to flex.

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This should be 96 DPI. In addition, keys on the Inspiron are sharp on the underneath edges and my finger sometimes catches the bottom of a key adjacent to the one I am pushing.

Oh my god, b4 i lefd d system it function properly but i loaded it wit xp window. The hard drive is quiet and there is no audible fan noise.

I would recommend the Inspiron m to students that want a light notebook good for campus and at a reasonable etherneet to performance ratio.

Inspiron m Ethernet Controller Problem – Dell Community

Let us know what you’ve done so far to retrieve etheret data from the crashed HD. Alas, it is not. But I paid twice as much for the T I am now able to get on the internet both wirelessly and wired. The Inspiron m offers decent battery life, better than its close relative the Inspiron m that I only got 2-hours of life from per charge, but not as good as other thin-and-lights such as the ThinkPad T42 or Fujitsu Lifebook S series.


What’s the model of your of your Dell notebook i. Buy some decent headphones or external speakers to overcome this weakness. The hard drive for the Inspiron m rests on 060m lower-left side of the notebook. Thank you The links provided by T meD0 were really helpful and resolved my issue with Dell m.

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depl I visited the Dell forums and found others had this exact same issue, people in the NotebookReview. When I first started using the m graphics and icons were large and blurry. The computer says that I am connected to my wireless router but without the Ethernet Controller fixed I cannot connect to the internet.

The feedback of the keys is also not that good, it just feels kind of mushy as opposed to solid. Inspiron, Latitude or Vostro.

Left-side view of Dell Inspiron m view larger image. So overall you have a generous amount of ports on the m. The m has a clean look, not tons of flashing lights or ports here there and everywhere.

My man wants some of those info badly, though we told him the info have all gone and he has the believe in us that we can still do something to get them back. All except the had good screens, and the m had an exceptionally nice and bright screen. This gives the disconcerting feeling that you might accidentally tear off a key.


No matter what drivers I try I cannot get the yellow exclamation mark wthernet clear. I have reformatted my Inspiron m and have downloaded the drivers off the Dell Website and installed them in the following order:.

Dell Inspiron 600m Ethernet Controller Problem

If you did not, you can try installing them now – but if that doesn’t work, go back, reformat and load those, and then load the other hardware drivers. Keep in mind you will still have to provide your model number or service tag to download the drivers.

For instance, did you try to set it as a slave drive in another PC that’s fully functional? Right-side view of Dell Inspiron m view larger image On the keyboard of the Inspiron m you have some nice built-in hardware buttons that control So overall you have a generous amount of ports on the m. See How To Advertise.

6000m If it’s the same Dell’s site I checked you checked, you would have found two different drivers for your integrated Ethernet card. With the screen brightness cranked all the way up and moderate usage of the Inspiron m I got 2 hours and 35 minutes of battery life. On the back-side of the notebook are 2 USB 2.

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