Upon identification of any security vulnerability, Progress will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to address the vulnerability in accordance with the following policy. Refer to the SequeLink Developer’s Reference for information on additional features of DataDirect Test and a tutorial that takes you through a working example of its use. Security Limit security vulnerabilities with our fully managed ADO. NET data providers for all major databases. The DataDirect Test windows contain two Concatenate check boxes.

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SequeLink JDBC Driver Reference

For more information about SSLeay, go to:. A pool group is a collection of pools created from the same PooledConnectionDataSource call.

When set to 0 the initial defaultthe trace file is appended. In datadiredt User Name and Password fields, type the required user name and password connection properties; then, click Connect. Some users may find that using static methods on the data provider’s Trace class to be a more convenient way to enable tracing.

Note, however, that if the Persist Security Info connection string option is set to true, the password will be displayed in clear text. Easily load large volumes of data without application code or additional dataeirect tools that slow performance.

DataDirect Spy provides the following advantages:.

Different pools are created when different user IDs are used sequelino retrieve connections from the pool. DataDirect Spy passes calls issued by a running application to an underlying JDBC driver and logs detailed information about those calls, information you can use for troubleshooting problems. Verifying the server certificate assures you that you are really connected to the correct server.


Limit security vulnerabilities with our fully managed ADO. Installation, User’s Guide, and Reference. In the Connection List box, a list of available connections. Is it safe to download the class that performs the certificate check? NET providers, without changing application code.

Returns the total number of attempts to open a connection that failed for any reason since the process started. All components should be compatible with. When set to 0 the initial defaulttracing is datdirect. If the SSL implementation returned a detailed error message describing why the SSL handshake failed, it would become vulnerable to a “million questions attack. In this example, tracing is enabled and trace information is logged in a jjdbc named odbctrace.

JDBC-ODBC Bridge for JDBC Access to ODBC Databases – DataDirect Connectivity

Each call contains trace entries for entering and exiting the method. To disable tracing, call setTracing false on the connection.

If someone set up a fraudulent Web server that impersonated your Web server, they would have to re-sign your applet with their own certificate. NET data providers for all major databases.

They provide explanations for the referenced text to help you understand the content of your own Pool Manager trace files.


This is a Java restriction. How you start DataDirect Test depends on whether you want to start it as an application or applet, and your Java Virtual Machine:. The HP-UX version of ivtestlib however, requires the full datadirech.

Sequelink DataDirect Informix ODBC Driver Configuration Properties

The classes you need to import are all contained in the java. The Performance Monitor PerfMon utility ndbc the Windows operating system jdbf you to record application parameters and review the results as a report or graph. The following C code fragment uses static methods on the. To import these classes, include the following line at the beginning of your code:. If you change the value of an environment variable, you must restart the application for the new value to take effect.

How do I convert it to DER format? You can ensure this by signing your applet and configuring your browser only to allow outgoing TCP connections from an applet that is signed by your server.