However, it is refreshing to hear that it can still hold up to scrutiny. Am still in the honeymoon period but this club shows great promise! When you hit this club on the screws, it goes…and goes straight. I hit a power fade…. Unfortunately our season ended abruptly so I hit the club only one round. However that aside I have never in my life been able to push the yard limit on my sweet spot hit drives. Am still in the honeymoon period but this club shows great promise!

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Callaway FT-i Tour LCG Neutral Driver

I try all the drivers and unfortunately, buy too many and regret it. Go at dti when the course is clear, and hit a shot with each off the tee…. The FT-5 right looks larger at address than the FT-3 left despite having the same clubhead volume.

I am consistently hitting flight callzway. However that aside I have never in my life been able to push the yard limit on my sweet spot hit drives.

We can notify you by email the moment it’s in stock! I preferred the FTi as it was so forgiving.

Callaway FT-I Driver Review – a mid-high handicappers dream

Switched back to my old soundless 11 degree Callaway Callawway and started to launch the ball again but my outside in swing sends many fyi hits to the right.


Wow, best mistake that could have happened. The face appears large and as forgiving as a kindly grandmother. So i think the technology helped, but for me there was a psychological factor too not to be neglected in golf. Still forgiving with mishits, but lots lost in terms of yardage off the tee….

I have an FT-5 draw for about 3 years now after I tried a number of drivers by the time. The FT-5 is a refined, evolutionary update to the FT-3 driver from mid But would suggest getting fit for the right shaft.

It still ended up in the fairway, but my driving distance was only yards.

neutrzl Gives you straighter shots but looking down on a square club can really blow your confidence. What I can say about it right now is my grass driving range experience.

Bottom line, I am putting the club up for sale and thank goodness, I still have my old driver.

This could be fun even it is a little off the beaten track. I soon got used to the look and just got on with trying to pulverize the ball down the fairway as best I could. I feel confident with it most of the time. Absolutely love this driver! There will be evidence of play, but no damage. Another thing I found is that since the ft5 is lower the tendency to tee it up to high is gone so less sky hits.

Be assertive in this request.

Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

The FT-i should help neuttral your swing plane in the back and forward swing. The FT-5 headcover is a traditional design with a long black sock area and a black-and-orange protective top.


On steel shafts, some of the stickers will probably be fraying, but there is nothing which will affect playability. This club is not a gimmick, as I feel Callaway is really on to something for my handicap range.

Interesting side-effect of playing the fti for a month or so, I find when I get my old driver out at the range, I hit it much better than I used to. It can be snapped for a song these days, so is it still a good choice or was it just a gimmick that lasted a few months? Not much distance loss on off center hits.

Callaway FT-i/FT-5 Driver Review

This will be cosmetic and will not have gone through any graphite layers. The Callaway FT-I Diver is an unusual beast that got people talking a few years back but now that talk has died down it remains what it always was; a well made, forgiving and powerful driver. I got fitted for a new FTi-Q but after a neuhral of weeks went to Golfbidder to try to get reunited with the original and best.