I think it’s a minor thing, but design wise it could have been slightly better. Coming from the Pyra which has almost the exact setup on the sides, I was a little worried that the glossy plastic would get slippery, though I haven’t run into that as of yet. What this means is that there are two 10g weights inside the mouse that can be removed, however, in order to gain access these weights you have to completely open the mouse up. Overall this mouse feels much like my Logitech mice of the past; Nothing feels loose or is rattling so it feels overall very solid. Other Games Other Games.

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Sujoy’s tests only involved the max cpi range, and that the Perfect Control on first gen ‘s cpi is much higher than 2. I feel that this mouse would work well with a fingertip or claw grip and is large enough that a palm grip also miini, though people with large hands might want something a bit larger.

Unfortunately for me, I have very large hands and use a palm grip, so I won’t be able to buy this mouse.

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS AZURUES Mini Optical Gaming Mouse

For more pictures of the mini, see: The switches when both buttons are pressed in a diagonal fashion they hit one another instead of being flush with each other. It aazurues a very high malfunction rate at 4.


I was a little confused initially as to why they didn’t just use the newer as the mouse is still fairly new, but I’ll get into why in a little bit.

This is much more of a personal thing for people, and if you don’t lift your mouse it’s a non-issue.

Tt eSports Azurues Mini Optical Gaming Mouse Mo-Arm005Dt

I hate being azudues. On March 27 The has two firmwares where in v66 angle snapping is on, and in v67 it is off. I really don’t like that StarCraft Weekly Art 2. Overall this mouse feels much like my Logitech mice of the past; Nothing feels loose or is rattling so it feels overall very solid.

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS AZURUES Mini Optical Gaming Mouse Overview – CNET

There definitely is a loud distinct rattle inside the mouse. That damned pause break-lighting system, and not having side buttons.

Looks like good mouse. Please log in or register to reply. Also LOd, polling rate and other things depend on a bunch of factors. Also there is a tiny high pitched “pre-click”, that I can hear everytime I lay my finger on top of the left mouse button. I can see the rattle becoming an annoying problem maybe later on I know azurrues you said yours didn’t rattle like anything was loose.

Tracking on this mouse aside from one ‘issue’ feels really smooth and responsive.

Tt eSPORTS Announces the AZURUES Mini FPS Gaming Mouse | TechPowerUp

Afreeca Starleague Season 7. Zeratul stats, DPS, etc.

This can either be a non-issue if you can work with more prediction, or if you absolutely cannot abide it, will be a deal breaker with this mouse. It sounds like a fizz bubble popping in a soft drink left on my desk which at first I thought it was. This mouse is definitely the perfect size for my hands and mimi. You should also mino to make sure that there’s nothing obstructing the sensor cavity as that may screw up tracking or prevent it altogether.


There are a few other features that I think deserve a little more than a spec. Also I think the tapered design of the sides once they reach the front is perhaps a little much for my style.

There were also miin odd things that I noticed right out of the box.

Either way the is still a very good sensor in its own right. Overall I think coming from the G1 it might feel a little like the mouse doesn’t feel as planted on the surface due to where asurues pressure of your hand is, but ofc that is going to depend on your grip style and where you hold the mouse.

The very easy solution to this is to file the space between them if that is a problem, but for most people this shouldn’t be an issue.