Also sound modules, samplers, and synthesizers can be connected to record their outputs. Click on Input settings. This warranty shall be invalid if, in the sole opinion of Ego Systems, Inc. You can always launch the Console by clicking the Console icon in the System Tray. Hardware downmix option to 2 channels. All electronic equipment has noise and there is no getting away from it.

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Windows Audio Driver Property It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. We recommend you use an anti-static device such as an anti-static wristband.

The MAYA EX5 matches it for game audio capabilities but only falls behind in the amount of simultaneous voices which is of particular interest to gamers. Most of us know that we listen to CDs and movies in bit An SNR of 60 dB will result in noise jaya only during quiet passages.

Above dB and unwanted noise is more or less inaudible. It offers many of the features that mid-grade PCI audio cards do. These benchmarks are not as highly accurate as professional assessment and should be used only to show the basic differences between audio platforms given identical or as identical as possible hardware supporting it. Highs Portable Great for maua use 5. Removing the computer cover 3.


Analog Inputs 1 Connector Type: The software disc had no autoplay file so the driver and application had to be installed manually. The nearly identical counterpart is the Terratec Aureon 5. The headphone jack pulls double duty for analog headphone connection and optical connection. A regular CDplayer, MD, and any other analog source can be connected for listening or recording.

The Sleeve connected with Ground of both side. To control background CPU utilization a measurement is conducted in the beginning of every test before any actions are performed. The suggested reference level is between -3dB and -6dB. The data sent will only be processed for the purpose of processing your request.

AudioTrak Maya EX5

Thus, Crystal Edition means only a light design of the card. Click the dB indicator to mute and un-mute. Replace the screw, and tighten. Older versions of the CD drivers may cause problems.

The necessary multi channel drivers are already part of your Windows operation system. It is most definitely a consideration for laptop users.


ESI – Download: MAYA EX5

They have mirrored the competition and, in some cases, been far more comptetitive with their pricing. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy. Click Audio Driver 2 and change the settings as below. Video 3Digests Video cards: Audio specifications are not available from VIA for this but some detective work put the pieces together.

The adjustment step is from 1 to 8. RightMark 3D Sound 1. Close the computer case. You can set up these in your application or Windows Multimedia properties. Please consult your CD-Rom drive manual for detail. Nur noch bis zum