Try 1uF , then 1. I doubt they are the cause but im just checking possible issues. Could you post a link to a schematic, it sounds like you have a short circuit in order for the current to rise that high. Hi Christ If you use the flyback transformer to power a small SGTC, then the audio modulation will not get through and if it does, it will only be very short burst and nowhere near audio modulation quality. Could not make a sound, is my radio too weak? Hey, I tell you one thing.

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Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

Andrew Villalpando December 24, at November 14, at aaudio I will keep looking around to see what I can find, Cheers! November 25, at I dont know if its the power supply im using. Midulated I saved one of my mosfet, please add a overcurrent protection circuit to the driver circuit. I dont think this is the place to discuss that further though, it is a mazilli driver page after all Your guess was pretty good, I run it at 60Khz for max power and I run it up to Khz for lower power operation, Thanks for the help and I look forward to a better and cheaper future for my driver!

Read this document about safety! Hi Mads, The atx power supply have a nice features that I think zvvs is suitable for this driver than the transformer.


It can however be overdriven a little, to some 24V maybe. November 4, at Proudly zvss by WordPress. What is the 50r? Depending on which type we use, we have to adjust the frequency of the timer to match the resonance of the flyback for maximum performance. Please tell which IGBTs you used and if you changed anything from the original circuit, except using iron core chokes.

Audio Modulated ZVS driver playing some music / High Voltage / Forums –

Not sure of make or exect details either because i bought them on sale at a local electronics shop. Video of my ZVS driver running on 24v input is uploaded now. audoi

Zbs have used one of those in a different based LOPT driver and it worked fine. Hi once again, after hooking the cicuit up to a 12v power supply, there are only minute sparks forming, less than 1mm. One of the FETs was shorted.

Audio modulated flyback | Kaizer Power Electronics

November 2, at The irf is suitedbut a little lacking in current handling capability. My heat sink will get very hot a little after a minute of turning it on.

January 7, at Don’t worry I’m not getting off topic, but stay with me here, so I already tried to tie a transformer to the center tap of the ZVS to inject my music.

Or else as it switches on, the first cycle due to inductive property of primary will tend to have no work and in turn charge the Gate of MOSFET which will donate excess electrons while the positive is at the source. January 22, at Qudio, 50V are a heck of a lot of juice pushing into the little thing.


Hey Dylan If it is possible, try to use a primary coil with a larger gauge, or parallel some more magnet wire to have a lower resistance and lessen skin effect. For the inductor is this a suitable one http: I notice you are using a flyback but is it possible to use an automotive ignition coil in place of the Flyback?

Modupated i recommend to make sure the spark jump before apply power. Ok modulate suspect that my is damaged or i should use moudlated better substitute for the mosfet. For music modulation the thin arcs work the best. I will continue trying but any help would be great.

Almost all newer flyback transformers have a DC output 2: I just have a couple of doubts… would it be possible to use a 1A power supply to make this work?