When pressing on the center of screen from the back, the screen distorts noticeably. It looked and ran smoothly using the go card. The N comes equipped with a fingerprint reader something not seen on most consumer notebooks.. They feel was a bit clicky, but not as bad as others I have used. It worked good for couple of months and then got sensitive “double clicks on it own every time and make a mess on the computer”. The Lenovo N is a new mid-sized offering from Lenovo in the series line of notebooks.

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I tried to get this replaced but, service centre says to walk in with the device for a check, travelling to service centre will cost me more than what i have paid for the witless mouse.

If there is any technical issue with the products kindly contact the service center of the concerned brands’. Wirelesd are conviently marked along the edge of the keyboard. Certified Buyer wlreless, Pune. A full CD burn took 6: Order Number The order number was provided to you in an email sent after your order is placed.

I took it to my neighbors about feet away.

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I have to replace it’s battery every month. And this mouse fit at its best.


You have to hit the function key in conjunction with one of the arrow keys to get the desired result. Reading text was more difficult on lower settings. Keep your carry-all light with Lenovo wireless Mouse N A water-drop shape and delicate, anti-slip surface for smooth and comfortable navigationEnjoy a steady and reliable connection from mouse to PC. My Kensington Bluetooth Pocket mouse worked well. After that, I did have the iwreless drop-out, but if I disconnected and then reconnected it would work.

Keyboard and Touchpad Area. I felt my T42, with a RPM hard drive and extra gig of memory, was in the same performance ballpark as the N for the things I do.

Please log in to create a wishlist into your account. It also has very good error correction. I had to almost run my finger along the edge of the touchpad to get it to work. One nice thing was the access to the battery compartment. The notebook I received has a three year warranty with one year on the battery. Visit our network of sites: The power adapter is on the larger side of average.

The sides of the screen are better protected. I like the color scheme on something like the Fujitsu N better, but it is a personal preference.


Lenovo N Wireless Optical Mouse – Lenovo :

It will also be offered with n10 WXGA screen as well. Here is a shot of the N next to my ThinkPad Wieless Also in the manual, it states the warranty is international as long as there is service available in that location. The one area where my T42 lagged was doing Photoshop, where the Core Duo was significantly faster. Certified BuyerKatihar District.

After using this for a few days, it became painfully obvious how much I wish I had one.

Lenovo N Review (pics, specs)

Certified KenovoKurnool District. For the most part the wireless card worked well. The things I do most, internet, burning discs and office, are not CPU intensive tasks. Speakers on a laptop are never going to be a strong point due to their small size. There was a bit of leakage in the corners on the bottom of the screen, but it was only noticeable when the screen was black.