I will order the OTG plug- in adapter from Amazon. I have a Samsung galaxy J3 Luna pro running Android 6. Please give me any solution to connect keyboard with my mobile. But even after all this time, with improvement after improvement, they still lack in one critical area: Thank you Mitch Bartlett.

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Some items that I connect require the connection to a power source to work The other item that is handy to get is a similar to your normal thumb hdd, that is it has a male usb connection, but it has a male microUSB connection on the other side. It is as ubiquitous now as it is notorious for never being able to be plugged in right the first time.

Keen readers will note how Android devices are thinner than the connection bit of a USB cord. Only a handful of devices will work with keyboards or mice without having ICS mytb my comment was an attempt to steer people away from spending money on something that wouldn’t work for them right out of the box.

You can get these that are the size of a cigarette butt.

Works with Mtab as well. I thought this sounded neat, but now, I think I’ll pass. Thanks for the heads-up, Mark! In a post on 28 November, Drew Butler suggested, “The Galaxy Tab 2 has a proprietary usb connector so what you need to do it would be a usb male to female converter used in conjunction with the usb data cable that came along with your tablet.


Simple as that, very easy, plug and play! I need it for: Mtyab down for the next article. But the mount points are at different locations I can’t recall what they are.

While I am here to help people must be willing to take time to learn. As I offered earlier if anyone needs help shoot me an email at drewbutler44 at gmail. Ussb am using lenovoa model but I can’t able to connect otg. Albert smith irish independent journalist attempted to steal a writers laptop last year,bad man albert,also appears on david irwings banned aite promoting anti islamic books david irwing got 3 yeats as anti jolocausr denoer.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Once your keyboard is connected, you should take two minutes to myfab it up properly. Pl help if we can resolve the issue.

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For example, on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S, the notification drawer items and settings pages are different but the functionality is all the same. I also have the same issue with my tab 4 7 inches, ysb I bought external use keyboard from eBay. In any case, it’s a much cheaper solution to bluetooth keyboards which I was planning to buy. However it turns out I had the same fate as Erez. I’m thinking about buying it.


I am sure it will be fun to use your keyboard those tens of apps you have available. Again I want to encourage anyone interested in android development or that just has questions about their specific device to checkout http: It worked on 8 of them.

Connecting usb camera to my TAB 3 – Lenovo Community

The same is not detected. Will it work with Samsung Galaxy tab 2? A few support hard disks also when the tablet is connected to the AC mains power.

I do not know everything but am pretty good at figuring things out. That’s such a brilliant little device! One thing I found surprising ksb that Android actually supports most of the special keys on a keyboard. No matter what I ueb, I just couldn’t get it to work.

Nice for long emails, thanks.