You don’t need to change your password so the New password can be the same as the Current Password but you do have to click on the Change password box at the bottom right of the window to make this work. I hope you can find a solution asap. Click Start, and then click Run. Obtain the IP address of the computer sharing the folder. If you have already set up the shared folder before joining the domain, the firewall will not allow the necessary SMB packets which enable you to scan to SMB. Confirm that the settings are set for sharing the necessary folders.

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On a scale ofplease rate the helpfulness of this article 1 2 3 4 5. Click the Security tab and make sure that the user has the box for Full Control Checked in the Allow column.

SHARP MX-2610N Driver Download – Mac, Windows, Linux

This is something you have to purchase. Here is a quick reference for downloading the drivers along with an instructional video to get them installed.

Scroll down the screen to find the following 3 rules which apply to the profile you confirmed in step 9.


The default should be set to allow the packets. Click on the Sharing tab and then the Permissions button. If mx2610m password is used, make sure that the password is entered on the MFP in exactly the same way as it is on the computer.

It may be hard to come by because of the age of that machine. In this case, other print functions may be restricted.

Driver Downloads – Find drivers – | Sharp Digital MFPs / Printers

May 02, Symptom: Navigate to the following registry area: Right click the folder and select Properties from the list. The accessory is the MXPK Optionally provide private feedback to help us improve this article Close security policy and reconnect to the share.

If the following values do not already exist you will have to create them.

Windows 7 has additional security built in and you may need to make some changes. Make sure that the MFP and the computer can communicate with each other by using the ping command. When you join a domain running server or later using one of the above client operating systems, the firewall settings on the client machine will change in line with the domain policy. Select [Job Handling] and enter your user information. Here, we have entered ” Scan to shared network folder is configured but does not work.


The menu used to execute printing may vary depending on the application. Do you have to enter codes to make copies?

If the computer has IP address If you are presented with a User Access Control dialogue box, please click Yes to continue. Windows or R2.

sharp MX-2610N driver downloads

Did you follow my installation instructions on the print drivers page? Specifically, their behavior towards shared folders will change. For a computer named Dropbox and a shared folder named Scans, the path is: In the IPv4 address enter the IP address of the computer hosting the shared folder.

Change the settings as follows: Make sure that the user has the box for Full Control checked under Allow. Disabled setting on computer network card.

Test access to the shared folder from another computer. Click the [Close] button in the [System and Security] screen.