However, only the black alternative will be commercialized in Germany. The audio signal’s output over the headphone socket turns out a lot better, even if the exact opposite in terms of sound way too muffled, subjectively. It’s necessary to remark the good case stability as well as the very pleasant to use keyboard. The Wind U presents itself as a classic plain netbook at an especially attractive price. They are under the touchpad, where most people prefer them.

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If you’re in the market for a Netbook, it’s a worthwhile read. Changes in fan control can be made, as experience shows, via a simple driver update and is therefore possible until sales launch and also afterwards.

Laptop magazine referred to the price as “amazing” but warnedas did CNET, about the 3-cell battery. A serious competitor, the Asus Eee tiuchpadwith a street price on about the same level is already being sold. There was a very evident blurriness especially in texts; pictures and videos were still just alright.

Get an MSI Wind Netbook for only $349

As the picture almost remains unchanged in the optimal perpendicular viewing position “only” reflections impair the representationyou can also take delight in an unusually large stable msj area on the vertical plane.

Checking the system latencies showed deflections in the possibly critical field every now and again.

As already so often: This reduces the necessary display inclination adjustments to a minimum. The screen achieves a maximum possible ratio of You get the usual Wind fare that correlates to the positioning in the netbook sector in terms of connectivity.


Loudspeakers MSI builds in two little squeakers on the base unit’s bottom left and right front corner. For one thing, it has a inch screen versus only 9 inches for the Acer Aspire One. Temperature If there now were suspicious case surface temperatures noticed, something would likely be badly wrong with the prototype.

Download MSI Wind UDX Netbook Sentelic Multi Touchpad Driver

Even image deviations can only be provoked with an unusually high pressure on the display lid. The MSI stays a bit behind the Asus p with points.

It’s almost impossible to handle the netbook without leaving related traces on it. A comparatively good viewing angle stability, good rates and a subjectively brilliant color representation speak for the screen, at least as long as you’re indoors. However, that all USB ports have been placed on the far front sides could possibly turn out to be less supportive.

Also, the Wind screen has a matte finish which I prefer, but opinions varythe Acer screen is glossy. It can only be twisted with difficulty, which allows for a picking up of the netbook at its display edge without problems.

You’ll have to count with the displayed image being cut on the right edge, wine when surfing in the web or even in many office applications. If there now were suspicious case surface temperatures noticed, something would likely be badly wrong tiuchpad the prototype. Laptop magazine, for example, loved it.

Download MSI Wind U Netbook Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Win7 for Windows 7

This laptop has everything a netbook is expected to have, ticking all the right boxes. But there are advantages in power consumption, whereby the Pine Trail range proves to be considerably more sparing in comparison to the old “Diamondville”. Read in the following review if the netbook can benefit from the new, significantly more energy efficient components. It can, therefore, come to synchronization problems when external devices soundcards are connected. Whilst reflections are kept within limits indoors due to the good brightness, they quickly turn into anguish when the netbook is used outdoors.


Last month Liliputing ran a detailed comparison of the two machines. The evidently ever-increasing fashion of betbook design for the keyboard is also very striking.

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Our black prototype’s great tendency to smudge smothers the initial exhilaration very quickly, in our opinion. It’s necessary to remark the good case stability as well as the very pleasant to use keyboard. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. The MSI Wind U seems not to be able to translate this, as it can be observed, and above all heard, that the fan runs permanently even without load. They pleasantly can be easily adjusted but the display nerbook eagerly.

It’s especially baffling that the waste air is only moderately tempered and a significantly lower fan revolution would probably also supply a sufficient cooling.