The free and opensource driver for AMD graphics in the linux kernel supports both 3D acceleration and hardware decoders as of kernel 3. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. I ignored the Compaq Vz series because I had heard quite a few bad things about Compaq, but now after taking a serious look at Compaq they seem to be making high quality products. No Complaints on the Synaptics touch pad. It could be a possibility that 32 bit applications will outlive my use of this notebook, but hey, I like to live on the cutting edge in hardware and software.

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The screen hinges are quite solid.

MSI 1013 Review (pics, specs)

For its compact size and price, I am happy that it has a built in dual layer DVD burner. Retrieved from ” https: I ended up with an Ra Link card from purchasing from buy. This page was last edited on 8 Mayat I decided to rw480 with black because since black is easier to maintain and if it were to fade, it would not be very noticeable.

Most OSes require patches in chipsrt to work reliably. I have a very capable desktop at home however, sitting in front of the computer at work makes it cumbersome to do the same at home.

This adapter is definitely a travel friendly adapter. The heat sink will not be close enough to make proper contact with a thermal conductor like artic silver, so stick with the provided thermal pads. MSI has an rar archive on their website for the 64 bit drivers. The northbridge has a TDP of For some OEMs including Dell and Acerthe M series chipset was going to replace the Radeon Xpress codenamed RSM on the mobile platform, and desktop variants of the chipset were announced in February The build was not very difficult as long as you take your time and do things carefully.


Only downside is that there is a bit of light leakage at the top and bottom of the screen.

AMD chipset series – Wikipedia

I installed windows XP and ran the benchmarks. From my email response, I was contacted by Raymond who is the notebook expert and he provided me with v4.

Views Read Edit View history. For some reason I could not find the driver for the memory card reader, nor have I had time to look into it. Ac input is v hz.

Overall I am very satisfied with the tech support from Raymond. Mobile versions have reduced power consumption [ citation needed ] with adaptive power management features PowerPlay. For me on the other hand, this resolution is perfect for the screen size. vhipset

Hopefully this will cause the rest of you looking at laptops be more aware of any possible keyboard issues. Both chipsets in this family are fully compatible with the Windows Aero interface and are Windows Vista Premium certified.


You can lift the keyboard up to access the chipet. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. There is no other offering by any company which supports an AMD Turion 64 in such a small package at a very reasonable price.

Other than that, the Fn button is where I am used to where the Ctrl button should be.

MSI RSM2-IL – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket – Radeon Xpress Overview – CNET

The lineup and output features comparison for chipset series motherboards are summarized below. MSI view large image. I have removed the processor about times of this computer and could probably put one of these together in half an hour by now. If someone wants this laptop, they can have it without causing any significant damage.

MSI RS480M-IL – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket 754 – Radeon Xpress 200

Memory latency is less while running at mhz, so any performance impact should be minimal. The last-generation RD chipset will still be the principal product for the enthusiast segment.

Bluetooth was a different story.