So here you go. I don’t want to be limited. Memory performance could be better. Caps are close to CPU socket. I already said that the K7T Pro2’s a bad ass motherboard. The patterns of green and red can be checked with an included information table to determine the problem. If that can’t make your TBird or Duron stable, nothing will.

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Caps are close to CPU socket. MSI even went so far as making the box the motherboard came in useful. Apparently there is a new bios available, which gives even more voltage settings, as well as the ability to manually set the 7kt Interleave function. That would have been useful for the next Voodoo card but since nVidia now owns k77t, oh well. What is the best Version of Linux 4 PowerUser For starters, the the VIA North Bridge is rotated 45 degrees with respect to the edges of the motherboard.


I find out that a 6,5 K Ohm resistor blue, green, red from PIN 6 to ground give an increasement of 0,22 Volt to the selected value. One can view this as a good way to keep your name in front of your users or MSI marketing going overboard.


The most important being multiplier changing and Core tweak. This time it is not a whole new design, but a revision of the K7T Pro.

Review of MSI K7T Pro 2a

Actually, it’s damned good. So to you people, I say run like the wind to your favorite retailer and pick the Pro2 up. Hopefully in a later BIOS revision they’ll come to their senses and address this issue. First of all I have to say this is one stable motherboard to use if you’re an overclocker. But i recommend to use a second resistor in a line with about K to prevent higher voltages by a mistake.

The box turns into a calendar! But they ain’t nearly sufficiently [H]ard, so their results must be taken with the appropriate grain of salt.

After installing the motherboard, you can turn the motherboard box into that cool calendar you see at the top. Super stable when overclocked. Sure, other websites claim to be pro-overclocker. I already said that mzi K7T Pro2’s a bad ass motherboard. With that out of the way, and now that I’m done bangin’ on the [H]ard drum, let’s talk about the Pro2’s abilities to push our cpu’s to the edge. Pay attention to the CPU temperature after increasing the Vcore!!!


Nearly everything is controlled by the BIOS. Share on LinkedIn Share. If you’re going to give me the ability to adjust my memory settings manually, don’t give me half the available settings, and then disable the others.

The K7T Pro2 is a very good motherboard. There is almost nothing to gripe about with the K7T Pro 2-A. So here you go.

This single device makes finding and solving initial system problems extremely useful. However, once I had the board “burned in”, the opposite of what you’d expect occured.

The stability is one of the peo I’ve ever experienced. Share on Google Plus Share. The layout is very clean, and well thought out. With all this success, Microstar could have relaxed a bit, but instead they have chosen to take another step forward by releasing yet another new Socket-A motherboard.

Supports 3 pin unbuffered DIMM using 6 memory banks, maximum memory size of 1. Share on Pinterest Share.