I am an engineer and have an instrument which connected to a computer. This technology-history is so very new- only 25 years old- in our busy sossiety- therefore not so much still have been done- to take care of this imporntent part of our history. Letterio Orazio rossi posted on March 20, If your CD drive doesn’t show up, make sure you installed the driver I included in the original post. Can you briefly tell me how to install it on the hard disk.

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This brought back a lot of good memories. If you just want to use VirtualBoxit can make use of the floppy image files directly. So that shouldn’t be a problem.

Utilities for DOS and Windows

EXE Visual Basic 4. Stephen posted on November 27, Przemek Laskowski posted on July 16, SYS; no 32MB limit. I installed it on a 32bit netbook just for kicks. Thanx for this I hace images of all tthe previous versions but the DoS files were on a CD thatgot brokken my history is now compete.


How to get the mouse to work in MS-DOS

Its included in a larger self extracting. Not being nostalgic but have a use mojse this laptop. Ben posted on May 13, I’m using a real computer, not a virtual machine. Yeah, I tried selecting one of the color options and it was configured succesfully, but when I rebooted the colors were all jumbled up.

I go back to 3. Noah kirsle posted on January 19, Johan posted on October 2, Yee posted on September 17, I downloaded DOS 6. DOS Mouse drivers and tools. Noah kirsle posted on March 31, Why would anyone want to go back to the so called good old days.

Ok, just did some more searching and found I think the file I used for this mouxe Yamaha’s site:. Is this page still active?

Mouse in MS-DOS 6.22 (and Windows 3.11)

Even Internet access prices are crazy too. On Linux you can write floppy images using the built-in dd command most distros include it by default; seems to be provided by the coreutils package:.

The file you want is called Yamaha S-YG20 version 1. If I have an image of my windows 8 box and I want to restore this on a virtual mousd, how do I go about this? Needed pure MS-DOS disk images msods teach a strong foundation in using computers in general, and to build from there into current technologies while showing ties and connections to the legendary MS-DOS along the way, once again, glad I found this site.


How to get the mouse to work in MS-DOS

To open any basic zipped or compressed file even some executablesdownload 7ZIP – http: Utilities for DOS and Windows. Thank you for this site.

VB seems to be looking for an optical file and doesn’t like the. Coltan posted on April 24, Windows is much better now than it ever has been. Jared Bates posted on October 2, Tom posted on December 5,