Can you use the 40gb drive? For and XP, by default, you must press F6 early in the loading of the files from the CD when you boot from it, and provide the SATA drivers on a floppy disk a little later. You can follow procedures and suggestions to make XP take up less space, but that’s not something recommended for an amateur. So with these guys on my side, living in the middle of nowhere on this planet, far, far away from civilization, is not a problem when it comes to fixing, operating and maintaining my computer. Not installed You gave me lots of interesting info concerning connecting the cables for the floppy drive. OK so now I am wondering, if I can get this 4G hard drive to work and the MS to detect it, then maybe if all seems well, I could then install the hard drive that I am presently using on my PC with which I am typing to you at this moment a bigger hard drive – 40 G , and install it as an extra hard drive into the MS – if it is compatible? Older bioses may not auto detect the drive, and the bios settings may show the floppy drive despite the fact the computer isn’t actually detecting it.

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This confused me, wondering whether they meant a 8.

I have a 80 wire data cable if needed. The notch in the contact edge of the ram module must line up with the bump in the slototherwise the module is backwards in it’s slot, and at least one of the two latches at the end of the ram slot cannot be placed against the ends of the module, unless one is dumb enough to press down verr enough the bend the mboard.

MSI MS 6714 Ver 5, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

Pity about the scarcity and price of SD RAM, but then again, I can see now that unless one really has no other choice, it may not be needed if one’s needs aren’t that big, and it can still perform pretty well with the right OS etc. If you still wish to pursue the floppy drive then read the following.


You might hear a soft swish sound. Or you could remove the floppy drive, remove it’s top cover, and clean off the heads with a Q tip or a tissue, or similar.

Would you use Snapchat filters on your dog? What must I look for in my manual ks-6714 determine what “bit” the MS chipset supports?

You don’t want to do that. If the drive has 99 or fewer errors, the long test will finish, and you’ll probably, but not surely, see that they give you the option to zero fill the drive, but it’s better if you zero fill the drive with the Lifeguard program since it’s not a Seagate or Maxtor drive.

It would probably be a good idea to have a third partition for data you would want to use with either operating system. What do you view as unnecessary components to remove?

I learned from Othehill 9 that if the model number has a G in the suffix, then it has an integrated graphics card – my motherboard has it. Cer you install it on another partition, only vha little bit of it is installed on C, the rest is installed on the other partition. They could probably help me to send my cattle dog to the moon and back to herd the cow that jumps over the moon with my old computer, if I asked them nicely.

They have opened an exciting new world to me!

MSI MS Ver 5, Socket , Intel Motherboard | eBay

On this motherboard there is no video card installed in a mss-6714 space, but I will remember the info you taught me for future.

Use Question Form such as ” Why? When the pins are spaced evenly again, it’s then easy to plug in any connector. Drive should be replaced. If they’re not there now, then it’s likely they were not un-installed properly and the keys are still in the Registry ms-671 Keyfinder looks for the Microsoft keys.

MSI MS-6714 Manuals

You didn’t mention anything about any video adapter. In either case, Save bios settings. Now I am lank confused. Enter the information directly from the keyboard. I tried with all the other few old floppies that I had and got similar messages for each one I inserted – “Disk error on track so and so And to think that the first man-made object to orbit the Earth inhttp: These are primarily portable versions of Linux.


I vee so happy that I took this project on because I am learning more than I anticipated – it’s so nice each time when I come to a point where Vwr know that I know what I’m doing, instead of guessing and relying on luck, or thinking that I think I know while I don’t know, or just taking anyone’s word for it without checking it – I have a long way to go though concerning my new found interest in computersbut every bit sussed is a bit sussed.

Support For GEM | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

There is NO jumper in the pins now. Right now when you boot to the BIOS is the hard drive being configured as 6. Normally you connect a single hard drive if you have only one by itself connected to ms-6174 first primary IDE header, it’s jumpered Master or Cable Select, and you connect the CD or DVD drive s to the second Seconary IDE header – if there is one ms-671, it’s jumpered Master or Cable Seklet, if there are two drives, one is jumpered Master, the other Slave, or both drives are jumpered Cable Select.

With the computer unplugged try snapping the RAM in and out 4 or 5 times. Go here and get the right manual for your mboard, then look in the manual for the Cmos jumper info: I’ve seen that happen on a hard drive that has one or more files flagged as un-movable – e.

Then the Ultimate Boot CD is for you!