The end connector that plugs into the mboard must be on the end that has no wires in the data cable that change positions between there and the middle connector on a 3 connector data cable. Oops – usually we suggest you try another monitor when you have no video, but usually there’s nothing wrong with the monitor you were using in the first place. I have a 80 wire data cable if needed. See the part in response 80 starting at: When the computer is running and the floppy drive has been enabled properly in the bios Setup settings, if there is nothing wrong with the drive’s circuit board, the led should come on briefly when you first insert a floppy disk even when only the power connector is connected to the drive. I studied a bit more about graphic cards.

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Must I reconnect it to the computer now without the jumper?

MS-6714 ver. 2 continous long beep – MSI 845GEM-L (MS-6714-020) Motherboard

According to the link you provided above you do have integrated graphics. Hey but those guys who wrote those programs were the pioneers so thumbs up to them!

When attempting to start does the heat sink fan spin? Sure, if it passes the SeaTools diagnostics. Even a GB drive is a lot of storage space. The is my learning curve so I’ll try to get her up and running and stick with her with what I have, until I have built my first build, and if I find a small hard disk drive to fit myI will try to add it to the The screen is blank black. If the XP CD does not have SP3 updates integrated vsr it on the CD, after SP3 updates have been installed, you can free up some hard drive space by removing backup files created when SP3 updates are installed, but then you can’t un-install the SP3 updates you usually never need to, if you install SP3 updates before you have installed a lot of other mz – see below.


Format another floppy instead. Sorry, couldn’t resist it.

MSI Ms-6714 Ver 5 Socket 478 Motherboard Backplate Included

If 6741 need more than 1gb or ram 1,mbwhich isn’t likely for XP, then that’s not a big problem. Note that the specifications of your drive must match with the drive table.

Yes, the VGA port is attached directly to the motherboard, so there mms have it – I have integrated. What is a stiffy drive? I also connected a power connector to the floppy drive, because no power connector was connected to it.

Take the thing out and reseat it. It means a lot! Must I take it out and put it on the other pins? I need pictire There is a PDF of the manual at http: Net is the opinions of its users.

NTLDR is missing Press any key to restart”, and after spending time on the net I learned that it did not make a bootable disk.

Am I totally off track or are my ideas as described above possible? Capacity The formatted size of the storage device. A good veer to check out a floppy disk to see whether it has evr bad sectors is to do a Full format of the floppy disk in Windows.


This is why I was very happy when I discovered the existence of Linux a few weeks ago and want to get familiar with it as soon as possible. Thank you for this information!

MSI Ms Ver 5 Socket Motherboard Backplate Included | eBay

I suggest you verify the existing hardware is good before buying a hard drive. What to look for, mboard symptoms, example pictures: Following is all the information on the label other than stamps of vef and jumper settings: There were no card readers in any bays.

Just the three white PCI expansion slots. If you are trying to boot to a blank floppy disk then nothing will happen.

Test your PSU or replace it One bad lead can cause a computer to continue on a cycle Test all leads that attach to your hard drive including electrical extensions,IDE,SATA the leads from your motherboard to your hard drive make sure they have a secure connection and are not faulty or just replace them there probably old and faulty hope this helps MSI GEM-L For and XP, by default, you must fer F6 early in the loading of the files from the CD when you boot from it, and provide the SATA drivers on a floppy disk a little later.