You may run into some slight latency issues depending on the drivers and VSTs. Fri Jul 30, 3: Thank you again for your speedy response and assistance thus far. Turn on the interface not sure if relevant, but world clock flashes between I am going to try re-installing the drivers to see if there was a software issue. Thomas Horner 2. Windows ME , Windows

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MOTU 828 Mk1 Rack Mount FireWire Audio Recording Interface

I had the interface working great with a guitar on two separate occasions within the past two days, but have not had any luck recently. After install completes, power up your MOTU audio interface. This probably won’t help, but it may speak to the compatibility of older Motu products with newer machines.

Tue Mar 22, 4: I am thinking it is a moti issue, as the drivers mmk1 open when I start up the Mac which they had done when it was functioning with interface on and connected. Select MOTU as audio input and output via system pref.


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I have updated to Unzip and double-click installer, enter OSX Administrator password, and follow on-screen instructions. The biggest drawback would be that I think MOTU has ceased support for these units, which means no more driver updates for future OS’s.

I would recommend updating to I used an mk1 on a bit windows install with no issues. All replies Drop Down menu.

Sat Feb 12, Sold it recently to get m,1 RME, there was a big difference. Michael Hansen Buur 3, 8 This one – v1. From big screen to home studio: Sign up using Email and Password. Power down your MOTU hardware.

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The drawback is indeed that direct monitoring is only possible for two channels at once. It was actually old enough where the one firewire port on it was loose enough where I very easily plugged the firewire cable in upside down and fried the chip.


Mac OS X version It only has two mic pre’s on the unit and you may have some latency issues running VSTs live. Installer contains a version 1. I used an mk1 with no issues on Windows for some time. Traveler users can also install the Traveler Hardware Update version 1. Windows 98Windows MEWindows Jan 25, latext So if you have alot of gear you can still monitor all channels, only through your daw and with the latency of your buffer size added.

Solid little unit, good osx driver. Latets start the conversation again, simply ask a mou question. The interface is the mk 1, and I do have the drivers installed and were working for a short time. Tue Mar 22,