Just FYI – when a guitar strums a chord there can be as much as ms between strings. They are also created with their output bus set to Stereo Out. You are, as best I can tell, a bit confused because you think making that switching back to “Stand alone” should undo something about the digital audio routing and it doesn’t. This exists because the XS is also your audio interface. I’ve never had an issue with mine. How these things interact can seem mysterious.

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Yamaha Motif Rack XS and mLAN – Logic Pro Help

Here is where your scientific method fell apart: Government End Users shall acquire the Software with only those rights set forth herein. So, I hit Record, and can record a new track in perfec syncronization with the first two. Mlab you select “with PC” in a similar fashion to how Local Control ‘breaks’ the normal connection for MIDI signal flow, you are breaking the normal connection for audio signal flow from the Tone Engine to the main analog Outputs.

Plus, you can save your Multis- recalling them for different zs. To double check, I mute the Audio track in Cubase – yep, suddenly just a single pure sound.

For it does not matter what comes out of the digital outputs when you are not connected. In no event shall Yamaha’s total liability to you for all damages, losses and causes of action whether in contract, tort or otherwise exceed the amount paid for the SOFTWARE. In addition to recording from the XS to the laptop, the XS also becomes the laptop’s moan card, so even laptops with el-crappo soundcards can participate, provided they have a Firewire interface. That’s why it is there.


The above instruction were for Cubase series 7 so the layout is slightly different. I like it very much.

Logic Pro Help

But with ms of latency, I’m not talking doubling here, but just listening through the software – you may not even be aware that the signal is late. Mute being a purposeful ‘disconnection’ of the routing.

One function continues to elude me though: When I play on the keyboard at the same time to overdub the new track, I hear my performance – also clearly doubled. I will, however, look more deeply into th emulti-channel arrangement. I think you understand that “with PC” is designed to disconnect XS audio from traveling directly to the main LR outputs, it directs audio to the DAW where it arrives as virtual audio audio is heard via the Virtual Instrument’s Audio Lane create for each output bus.

Sort of like headphone jack when no headphones are connected.

The problem was here: Don’t know whether or not that might be the problem. Please see the attached image, where in addition to adding a stereo Audio track I have also added: I followed the directions supplied with the download. The encryption of data received by means of the SOFTWARE may not be removed nor may the electronic watermark be modified without permission of the copyright owner. You did not try what I wrote or you would understand this by now That seems to be working seemlessly.


Clearly audio from the Sound Engine is going directly to the phones jack, but also to the computer and being returned from the computer and also to the phones jack. Does it transmit seperate individual Audio tracks to individual tracks in the Motif software sequencer Steinberg using the Multi samples? So my first question before we get going is are my expectations accurate?

Motif XS + mLAN expansion — worthwhile?

So far you have been touching the elephant’s tail and drawing some conclusions based on a partial picture – maln this is an okay methodology, but only takes you so far.

When is it doing each function?

First, it might be wise for me to explain what I feel to be my expectations. Before the images – the basics: This Agreement shall be interpreted according to and governed by Japanese law without reference to principles of conflict of laws. So we are talking about a very small amount of time here.

The diagram shows a very good understanding of what is going on.