Pressing the cassette’s buttons in certain ways calls up equaliser settings and bookmarks. The Digisette doesn’t have a radio function; the Mobiblu does. Voice notes are recorded as 32 kilobit per second AD PCM files, which gives you about 18 hours of voice-note space in the DAH’s player’s internal memory, if you don’t put anything else there. No LCD display, no joypad, no clickable levers, nothin’. That’s how the Digisette works. There’s apparently an optional corded remote for the DAH, but it’d be no use when using the player in a tape deck; the only place the remote can possibly plug in is at the headphone socket end of the cassette, which is the front when you post the thing into a slot-load deck. The Mobiblu’s spindles may be geared together, but they’ve still got little friction compared with a real tape, and so some tape decks will still decide they’re dealing with a broken tape and refuse to run their motors, lest they fill themselves with iron oxide spaghetti.

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Apparently no shuffle play although manual suggests there is. You just start it playing with its regular interface before you put it in the tape deck, and off it goes. But the headphone output is quite clean and strong, and the FM tuner works fine; if that’s all you want in the headphone-player department, it’ll pass. The things are on sale in discount stores now, for heaven’s sake; they’ll be in cereal boxes next week.

Mobiblu DAH-220 MP3 player

Neither source can deliver significant treble above 15kHz, so a 32kHz sample rate, with the same bit rate, might give mobkblu noticeably better sounding result. Most cassette-shaped MP3 players have cassette-adapter type spindles; they’re connected to nothing but each other via a gear or two, and their only purpose is to stop cleverer tape decks from freaking out at what eah to be a broken tape. Many similar cassette-style MP3 players can be found on eBay, but most of these have a power or audio cable attached which precludes its use in many cassette players unless an opening can be made for the cable – too awkward.


And the player also automatically resumes playing where it was when you last stopped it, even if you’ve replaced the battery since then. The Mobiblu batteries are also quality made-in-Japan Yuasa cells; I don’t know what brand of battery the Digisette comes with.

Both players have a firmware update feature, which works down the USB cable. On the subject of things that can turn your player into a paperweight, if you want to format either player, you need to use a special utility that comes with them. Normal humans will need some further explanation.

MobiBlu DAH-220 Manuals

The super-minimal interface and lack of a display hurt it, of course. The built-in MB memory should provide about 3. The 44kHz sample rate is, actually, overkill for FM and tape-deck recording. Cassette adapters, in particular, often sound noticeably better than real cassettes – no tape means no tape hiss, and because the speed of the tape transport doesn’t affect the signal, there’s no wow or flutter either. That’s how the Digisette works.

Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. If you’re wondering whether your vehicle’s tape deck will work right with the DAH, it’s easy enough to find out.

MobiBLU DAH Tech Reviews, Firstpost

Being self-contained and with two batteries, this player should last out a long journey or into the wee hours at a mogiblu party. If only you could select better sound quality. Note, also, the little very-fake-leather pouch. There’s a very good chance you own a basic cassette adapter already. The cassette adapter heads on both players work both ways, so you can also record to both players just like a regular tape.


Review: Mobiblu DAH MP3 player

But you can’t change the record settings on these players. Further, it’s built-in mike means live recordings can be made and it can also record from its FM radio or ‘line-in’ through the ‘tape’ heads. The idea’s simple enough; install a stereo set of electromagnetic heads It’s possible, by the way, to add an extension antenna to gadgets that use the headphone-cord-antenna strategy; you just wind a bit of wire around the bottom of the headphone plug.

Brand Manager for Mobiblu?

Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Heck, it doesn’t even have random play, as far as I can see; the manual mentions it once in the opening feature list, then doesn’t give you any clue about how you’re supposed to turn it on. Also it’s an FM radio, FM and voice recorder. Ombiblu lets you skip tracks on the Mobiblu, while it’s in a tape deck, by doing a brief fast-forward or rewind. The track skip function only works if the tape deck deigns to spin its sprockets, of course.

Put ’em in record mode, then just pop ’em in your tape deck.

The controls on an old cassette player rah still work since the spindles of this ‘cassette’ are geared together so as not to fool clever players into thinking a tape has jammed or broken. MMC cards think ‘thin’ SD aren’t readily available.