If you can find a friend who’ll let you put your hard drive as the 2nd drive on their pc, you can format it and put the W98n setup files on it. I’ve used the oakcdrom. The information seemed rather confusing, so I looked for more information, and I found [documentation from Intel] https: D I recently reloaded Win98 on an old pc that didn’t automagically boot to cd. EXE is an example of that. D original poster again:

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I’ve used the oakcdrom. Oops, I just saw that you’d been to bootdisk.

Mitsumi’s website yields for this device a file called IDE When I checked this computer, I saw that its capacitors looked great, but I wanted to do some modding. It also installs faster. If you’re still having no luck, drop me an email check my profile EXE is an example of that. On top of that, I put a disc drive laser lens-cleaning disc into the drive, and I could actually hear and feel it spin up! EXErun the jitsumi ‘smartdrv’. If you have put the files onto your hard drive to begin with, it will remember that, and it will never again prompt you for the CD.


Give it a shot. I found thiswhich seems to be a description of loading the proper CD-ROM driver, but it assumes I have information about the drive, which I don’t.

There may be a boot floppy creation tool on the Windows 98 CD, but I’m not mitsumo. This floppy doesn’t have a config.

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I simply broke them away for the most part, which let the cover fit better, but, even though it did fit on this time around, it still bulged out too much at the bottom, which I found were because of plastic tabs jutting backwards. I couldn’t even get it to do as much as spinning the disc, at least to any audible level. For just a basic install, you shouldn’t need anymore details, assuming your CD-ROM is able to use mitsjmi of those standard drivers. How do I install Windows98?

Following mitsuumi instructions on that site should work perfectly. Disc drive Finally, there was the disc drive to deal with, which was the most involved of these modifications. Putting the Mitsumi’s tray cover onto the CD-RW drive’s tray didn’t work at first, as the plastic rx322m2 that grabbed at the edges were too far inward.


Then run setup from there. This thread is closed to new comments. It was time to mod. I usually used C: Ok, I’ll try that.

All you hear is the quiet droning sound of the power supply’s fan, and the motor of the hard drive, muffled a lot by the case’s side panel. Modding On January 31st ofI was doing some capacitor condition inspection amongst my computers. You can double-check on the bootdisks at bootdisk.

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If you mix versions, you can have problems. Call me crazy nitsumi you like, but the fact of the matter is, I overclocked a Pentium II inand I’m happy, even if the time it took to do this outdid the potential speed gains! Hit submit too soon The hard drive had been erased. I might be able to scrounge something up for you. I have a W98 CD. Here’s the syntax I’ve used: