The pictures will be printed in the paper area using the layout selected in the Layout box, where a list of available compositions can be shown, depending on the selected paper size. The operator can manually force hardware status refresh with the refresh device button and ascertain current status at a glance. There are three notification groups: The price must be inserted with the tax calculated beforehand. It is also possible to print ticket duplications of any request executed on the Kiosk. A request is the different services that the kiosk offers the user in a single payment transaction. This panel shows the actions one by one, sorted by the field defined on the Filter configuration panel.

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On the following list you can see the details of mtsubishi different actions that will happen: Mitsubishi Electric is not responsible for any forgotten media. The uploaded pictures remain in the Photo Web Album for 21 days. Remote Services are available from www.

Detalle de la tarea: This screen will appear if the prepayment card has not been inserted at the beginning of the transaction. Select mitsuibshi Backup to restore data from 5. It is divided into 3 sections: For more information see Appendix C. Applies Auto Histogram correction for each colour channel individually.


Mitsubishi Electric CP9500DW-S Manuals

Log Panel Mitsubishhi communication issues with the printer are reported in this panel. Uncheck only if advised to do so by the technical service March – v2.

The Job can be Restarted or Deleted mitssubishi the buttons on the right hand side. This must be configured by the supervisor and must match the real value of inserted coins.

The system automatically detects these parameters. The operation will be carried out free of charge and will be registered as an operator transaction.

Select [My Albums] and then ‘ add photos’option The customer can choose between two options for uploading pictures. Not all paper sizes have linked low-resolution formats.

The customer can see these pictures from another Kiosk or from the Web site: Cp9500dw-z is also possible to print ticket duplications of any request executed on the Kiosk. Edition Enables or disables the editing service and the different options of this section. It is updated when an operator presses the counter button see Coin Counter section.

The service has finished but the data is pending to be reported. DPS, where the information between brackets is obtained directly from the customer [e.


Kiosk and Administrator Information: Fill in the registration form 4. This column informs whether the incident has been reported to the DPS Server.

Mitsubishi CPDW Digital Photo Thermal Printer | eBay

Whenever the system gives out change or a customer inserts a coin of the same value, the hopper amount is refreshed automatically. In the event of a problem, the program will display the error type. Coin Symbol Select the position where you want the Coin Symbol to appear. Amount of money that has been returned to the customer.

Complete requests can be deleted when desired. The TEST ,itsubishi checks connectivity once the parameters have been correctly set. Colour components can be fine-tuned separately R,G,B or at once RGB Independent adjustment can be made on every point in the curve from shadows to highlights. Problems with the consumables Kit. Current amount in the Hoppers. End date of a balance.