The installation does this to protect your PC from further problems that could occur if the UAA files were missing or the wrong files were used. I followed ur steps These messages can also occur if the login account does not have the proper permissions to install the software. Note If additional issues occur or if any troubleshooting is required, you might have to create a separate service request. Crna Gora – Srpski.

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Start by opening Windows Explorer and right-clicking on My Computer.

Your feedback will help us improve the support experience. Hi BSA,this is Nick I have had this issue since sp3 update The hardware is found and I can install the idt HD inf file.

Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio

If you HD audio still doesn’t work, check out this solution: I just changed the setting and everything miraculously worked.

To fix the issue, there are three steps to follow. In most cases this will help find a solution. I can’t emphasize how much you rock: Hey Anon, Have you tried grabbing drivers from intel link i gave? THEN installed all my device drivers. KB solves the problem without registry editing.


Thanks for the quick response.

Bored SysAdmin’s Blog: Windows XP SP3 and Microsoft HD Audio UAA Problems (Update 3)

I have installed it and i even found it in the device manager. But didn’t think and installed MS updates first incl SP3 without finishing installing all the drivers first. This isn’t exactly my problem in fact I tried the fix, with no luckbut you seem like you might know enough to help me out.

How do you initiate the installation of the patch? I’ve tried installing a number of different drivers If you couldn’t fix your problem here is another solution i did this and my sound works greate now: Yesterday, after 2 months of not using the laptop, I set it up again and now the port isn’t microxoft.

I did it different way 1. To find out if it is working correctly, open the Device Manager.

Microsoft uaa bus driver for high definition audio – Unattended Windows /XP/ – MSFN

This is the end of and MS still hasn’t fixed this? Hey Jose, I saw your comment before, but not sure why all setting revert on windows reboot. This fixed my audio problem on my Lenovo.


I was looking for days to solve this problem and than i found this threat, 5 min. Hey man, I installed Win XP3 in hp laptop dv series.

Can hear the sounds from my system now. Didn’t work for me on the first try. I can hear sound if my speaker is turned ON but not through my earphone jack. UAA is Microsoft’s Universal Audio Microslft an audio driver architecture model supported by the operating system. You are a god! Skip to main content. I tri to play from diferite muzic source winamp ,radio nexus,vlc plaver ,youtube.