Try switching the primary leads, since the flyback is rectified by a single diode, which makes polarity is important. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. January 20, at Some flybacks may have several winding which will appear to be primaries, in this case the real one can only be found by measuring inductance. June 12, at

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Post as a guest Name. It should give the high voltage but at less current.

Mazzilli flyback driver mosfets keep failing – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Check to see if you have found the correct ground pin. Keep connections short, use copper foil if needed to handle large currents between the mazzil,i cap and the primary winding. The mass mazzilli the paraffin could be changed. Especially when you power up the circuit you will want to be sure that the gap is small enough so it is arcing before pulling the wire apart. Try 1uFthen 1. Pictures Sparks at 5v. Post as a guest Name.

It is preferable to leave the voltage source disconnected from the ZVS driver while turning on the power supply, and then after a second or so, connect the power supply to the ZVS. The mains voltage here is V so running it off mains is not something ill be doing fllyback time soon, although my Solid State Tesla coil runs off mains. A car ignition coil us made with a iron core and might just saturate at the high frequency this circuit runs at with the usual component values.


The ZVS driver typically puts out 3. The fast risetime voltage will ensure that one of the FETs will conduct before the other one does, and oscillation will then start.

January 11, at Hey Dylan I can see that you are still using a microwave oven capacitor.

Same circuit as yours, at 40V, I busted a 3. January 10, at On the success circuit: I first tested it with a volt 30 amp flback supply for the entire source.

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

The resonant system will place about three times Vcc on the tank capacitor, which means, 30V in, you get v rms on the cap. You will only risk putting the DIY community in a bad light if you hurt someone and tighter regulations might hit us.

After that we got around 10 minutes of runtime. The inductor got red hot and melted.

If you have cylindric coil jazzilli works, try to match its inductance and frequency in designing the pancake coil. No you can not, if you look at the datasheets for the 2N transistor and the IRFP MOSFET you will see that there are considerably differences in their specifications and they are not even the same type of transistor.


November 15, at I would advice you to get one of those real cheap LCR meters off of Ebay, they have a good accuracy compared to their very low cost. Thanks, I am relative newbie on this subject. You should replace that with some metallized polypropylene capacitors.

At first I had a little better luck with this and got probably a 15 kilo volt Arc directly out of the Transformer without the multiplier.

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Some blow up very ramdomly. It sounds like you have a short circuit, revise your circuit vs. September 6, at Experiment with the number of windings to improve performance.