At low frequencies, the vent contributes substantially to the output of the system. However, what I want to obtain is a slightly smaller box with a resonance frequency of 42 Hz, not 48 Hz, as the resonance frequency of a ported subwoofer defines its lower cutoff point and for this particular design I want that to be 42 Hz. The cast frame is thick and the total weight of the driver is 6. Well, if we decrease the size of the box without changing the size of the vent, the resonance frequency will go up. A ported enclosure improves the low frequency response of the loudspeaker by using reflex ports to transmit the energy from the rear of the driver to the listener. The change in the response curve is caused by reflections within the box. Last update 12 July

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MA Audio MAW610 10″ Car Subwoofer

For a nice flush finish the driver is countersunk into the baffle as shown in Photograph No shipping, purchased locally. Now, let’s use the Loudpeaker Wizard, and adjust the length of the vent, Lpt, until Hornresp tells me that the resonance frequency is 39 Hz, the same as the driver’s Fs.

The actual volume of the enclosure shown in the drawing has been increased to account for the space occupied by the frame and magnet structure of the driver, as well as the space occupied by plate amplifier. The carpet underlay was installed using a heavy duty stapler. The cast frame is thick and the total weight of the driver is 6.


I’ve also enabled Hornresp’s “semi-inductance” feature, to simulate the impact that this has on the overall response of the system. The driver can easily soak up all the power that the small plate amw can deliver. Draw it out, run the port the width of the box across the bottom, up the back and across the top and see if you can get a Looks like the vent will have to be 9.

The following image is the Hornresp input screen for a ported subwoofer system, based on the Dayton Audio PA To make the subwoofer more versatile, the driver is connected to a switch which allows the ability to switch between the plate amplifier or binding posts for use with an external amplifier.

MAW DIY Ported Subwoofer

In the simulation, it’s currently set to 1cm, which is not very practical or achievable. From the plot you can see that the actual box tuning with the stuffing and lined walls is about 27Hz. Options Disable smilies in text Quote message in reply? These can be reduced in level by lining the box with acoustic fiberfill. Anybody have any suggestions on what type of tuning and box design for these thank you for your time. Password Please enter a password for your user account.

Help Designing a box for two MAW – Home Theater Forum and Systems –

The enclosure design for this subwoofer project is shown below in Drawing To fill wubwoofer the bottom end of my Sealed Bipole with Fostex FEEI decided to design and build a small subwoofer which would mate up with these fantastic sounding fullrange speakers.


Let’s have a look.

Ported Subwoofer Enclosure Construction. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Used, includes shipping cost.

The impedance sweep eubwoofer generated using the Dayton Audio Woofer Tester 3. The ported enclosure system is characterised by lower distortion and higher power handling in the system’s operating range, and lower cutoff frequency than a sealed enclosure system using the same driver.

The internal walls of the enclosure were lined with some left over carpet underlay and T-nuts are installed in the front baffle to hold the heavy driver in place.


I was thinking like this. Also shown in the photograph are the brass speaker spikes which will couple the subwoofer firmly with the ground. Ported enclosure systems are much more sensitive to misaligned parameters than subwoofwr enclosure systems, which makes their construction more difficult for the beginning DIYer. If the driver has a Qts above 0.

Will that have any effect on the response? Introduction, Driver, Ported Enclosures, Design. The subwoofer enclosure is finished with two coats of white sealing primer and two coats of an off-white cream. Ported enclosures are also referred to as vented or bass reflex.