The torque values reported are the sum total of the distributed shaft’s resistance to twisting along the entire length of the shaft. Various upgraded grips in good shape. But alas Maltby it will be for now. March 25, Last active: Posted March 9, National Golf is an authorized dealer with most golf manufacturers. Prior to doing NIcklaus’ designs, Clay did all of MacGregor’s models in the early to mid 90s and all of the Cobra designs in the mid 90s to late 90s.

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Slight pitting on 2 of the sha It has a graphite, regular flex shaft and the grip is in good shape. Considering building a Maltby driver, as I have used their components in the past and have been generally happy with them. And I have pff every model you list, for myself and I have built about 6 of each model for buddies. I have never seen a Maltby club in real life.

Here’s the version: This set includes the 6 iron through 9 iron. All are excellent heads, as or more forgiving and long as any OEM I have tried, including cobra zl, Fast10, dst, and cally ft9.

Golf Works 2010 Second Edition : Page 10

Trlcept 1 to 12 of On the other hand, I seem to be the only one that likes my Tricept wedges with KBS black nickel wedge shafts. By leapingtigr in forum Right Hand Drivers Replies: Pure pleasure to hit. I felt like it launched higher than it should’ve. I was thinking of asking Greg for a fitting.


maltby tricept PFT driver – Equipment – GolfWRX

But must admit, i am making a change, Chieflongtree on this site has built me the new version I may even put it in one of those adam FW’s. I like it fine but an Adams driver has my favor and is in my bag.

He who hits last, walks alone. Prior to doing NIcklaus’ designs, Clay did all of MacGregor’s models in the early to mid 90s and all of the Cobra designs in the mid 90s to late 90s. If the numbers between my fairway and the RBZ don’t turn out to be significant, I was looking trice;t getting a True Ace Cadence Blue Ultralight 60 since it’s a higher flight than my current 3w shaft.

mxltby This club is right handed and in good, used condition. The AXE shafts are top notch. Sign In Sign Up. The heavy sole design increased initial launch angle from any Only longer head I tried was the geek DCT, but it was waaay less forgiving. They each have graphite, re I’ve stayed pretty low key about this in forums and other public commentary places, but because of your question on our forum and because of some of the total mis information that I heard from ma,tby about this at the PCS Show, it’s probably time for me to offer more direct comments.


Just not much golf to talk about with the feet of snow on the ground.

For those that have trouble with the hooks, this is it. From what I surmise, Maltby is all about game improvement clubs.

I found a online shop that sold them online about a year ago, but I’d have to look again to find it. Prev 1 2 Next Page triceppt of 2.

March 25, Last active: Honestly I had never heard of them, until I saw them in your signature. I’m really liking the new stuff from Golfworks: I got mine from a Swing Science dealer here in southern Indiana.

The Golfworks stuff does play to the golfer in need of improvement BUT there are some truly players stuff in there too.