I am interested in the performance of the DAC. Jean-Michel Blais — Eviction Sessions. But really the sound is coming from in between your ears. The horizontal sounds coming from the front sound like they are coming from in between your ears, and not from in front of you. Inside there is a white box.

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The sound is just pleasurable. Check the reviews for the HD and the Objective2 and then asses if the sound I described here is to your liking.

Can’t drive difficult loads no real surprise there, but the Microstreamer can drive the HD Post 13 of By the way, what the HiFace DAC isn’t really designed as is a headphone amplifier, though M2Tech says it may be possible to drive medium- and high-impedance headphones with it, adjusting the level with the computer’s controls: Jul 16, at 9: For some initial listening, I’m sitting here with the HiFace plugged into a MacBook Air via a short USB extension lead — for some reason I get really nervous about having devices like this plugged straight into the computer, just in case of physical accident — and a run of Audioquest cable from its line out to the line-ins on my Naim SuperNait amplifier, which is driving my usual PMC OB1 speakers.


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M2Tech HiFace DAC hands-on review | What Hi-Fi?

Greatest Bits Component List. The bass is more in quantity, less highs and there is less detail all around.

Page 1 Page 2 Manufacturer’s Comment. With the volume maxed out on my Objective2 on high gain of 6.

hiFace DAC by M2Tech Audio – M2TECH AUDIO BV

But for my use not an issue. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Aqua La Voce S3 Discrete arrival. Log in or register to post comments. A comparison review of two DACs.

M2Tech HiFace DAC 32/384 impressions?

Jul 31, at 9: Tips for dxc the most from Roon Software. No, create an account now. The booming DAC market shows no sign of slowing: Detail and definition are a given, and just get more striking the higher the resolution you choose to play, but the real revelation here is how well textures and characteristics of voices and instruments are conveyed, and how well that is achieved while retaining a delicious smoothness and sweetness in the treble. Welcome and nice review Submitted by Steven Plaskin on July 31, – Sony is rolling right now for a fix I hope.


It does change the sound a little. But, as much as higace move isn’t easy, it does feel as though Liberation Day is finally approaching. Aug 1, at 4: I know the reviewers are different, but I suppose it’d deserve a mention, Mr Editor? Jun 19, at 6: Aug 4, at 9: In general the DAC is detailed, I would say there are more highs than lows.

This means that, after one more review, there will be a break while we sell, pack up the rest of our stuff, move to temporary quarters with the dogs, and search search search for our new home. USB only bro, but right now everything has usb.

You’ve lived with a wonderful music room for years, and just as your system has reached its current zenith, you’re moving on!

Post 3 of