The color space comparison doesn’t make the M11x R3 look much better either, the sRGB color space is far from being covered, and the colors are generally somewhat pale and weak. Optimus is a dynamic process for graphics switching , which either enables the dedicated or integrated graphics card, depending on the present requirements. Screen isn’t as vibrant as we’d like. The currently very popular action game Battlefield: For its limited dimensions the M11x R3 has an astonishingly good performance. Continue to next page 01

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Whether Alienware will offer the Core iM to retail customers at some point is not certain at present. Although the tool CPU-Z described the processor as Core iUM, this description is no longer accurate since Intel has changed the naming scheme, and the processor is called Core iM meanwhile. Those that have many cables connected will quickly find the use of a vidwo confronted with spatial problems on both the left and right sides, since many of the interfaces are simply too far towards the front.

GTA V on Alienware M11x R3

Those that are looking for precisely this mixture could be content with the M11x R3. The m11x are inside an Alienware typical style box. The notebook will also be available in black.

Alienware has managed to produce a neat and for the most part impressive subnotebook with the M11x R3. It would be difficult to get more out of an 11 inch case, and Alienware has delivered sterling work.


We liked the input devices. This subnotebook scores additional points with its good stability, with the exception of the display, the case is very rigid. Whereby the produced m11s can definitely compete with bigger notebooks.

Frequent typists and fast writers won’t necessarily ever become completely happy since frequent office tasks call vifeo a keyboard with bigger or free standing keys chiclet design. Bad Company 2 The currently very popular action game Battlefield: The currently very popular action game Battlefield: Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted With the help of the previously mentioned AlienTouch software, it is possible to adjust the touchpad in detail to personal preferences and requirements.

Processor and graphics intensive viveo are usually sufficiently accelerated, and the SSD hard drive also gives a noticeable speed boost. Outdoors users will quickly be confronted with disturbing reflectionsand the eyes are strained beyond their limits.

The delivery package of our tested device wasn’t the final version. The Bad Still not using the 3G slot. Thus there is a Kensington Lock, a DisplayPort, and an HDMI output on the left side towards the back, whereby the latter two g3 the operation of external monitors.

Nvidia Optimus In order to provide users with as much performance as possible without compromising the battery life too excessively, Alienware has applied the Optimus technology from Nvidia. While the system noise has increased, the temperatures have noticeably decreased compared to the previous revision.


Users will have to make due without an optical drive. Numerous components can be changed without problems. Several adaptable illuminated elements not only provide for fast orientation in the dark, but also look neat during the day.

One indication that the processor plays a less important role with mid-range GPUs. Horizontally the viewing angles are a little more stable, although most of the competitor products still perform better in this respect.

A comparable gaming performance can only otherwise be found starting in the 13 inch and upwards segment e. The old M11x is significantly worse in a direct comparison, with the battery life only lasting half as long in an idle state. Visit manufacturer site for details. Especially the options from the MaxxAudio driver influence the audio significantly in some cases.

NEW Dell Alienware M11x R3 – video dailymotion

The sound system has been created by Alienware with co-operation from the american manufacturer Klipsch. Optimus is a dynamic process for graphics switchingwhich either enables the dedicated or integrated graphics card, depending on the present requirements. Please share our viseo, every link counts!

Keyboard The input devices left an altogether good impression.