But – may thanks! Now the video devices should be listed. I do not need the in-built camera since the laptop is under the sofa. Works also “out-of-the-box” with 2. This camera is inbuilt in laptops Asus A8M Skype version 2. I was wondering if anyone has been able to get a Logitech QuickCam for Notebooks to successfully work in Ubuntu 8.

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Works fine out of the box. Black screen in Skype, even though it works with Cheese 2.

Your Logitech web cam should work out of the box. Rebooted and video-chat in Skype 2. In this section you can find various lists related to Logitech webcam devices that will help you identify particular models and what features they support. Last month it recognized the camera, but test screen was black – this month it works.

Works fine out of the box Logitech Quickcam Pro 7. Skype also may hang during or after the call. It does not ship out of the box with new versions of ubuntu.


Unless you drop me another of your interesting “reviews”, then I will delete it. Works fine out of the box Macally IceCam2 8.

PriceChild 2 8. Works perfectly out of the box, but only at x in Skype, x in VLC I can’t get close to the advertised x with any of the linux drivers. September 23rd, 4.

You need to install the gstreamer packages and try this out. Also work with Ekiga and aMSN.

September 24th, 5. Logitech webcams Thu May 24, 1: Video works with version 2.

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Had to edit launcher to following command note that package libv4l Installation This section explains how to compile and install the qc-usb driver for the Linux kernel.

Video and audio works out of the box Skype 2. Skype’s video is not flash-based; 2. Close any such program and re-select the Skype video settings preview image before concluding that it doesn’t work.

Works if you stop ubhntu video and then restart. The original work was done by Georg Acher and was known as qce-ga ; Jean-Frederic Clere took that driver and created the first Video4Linux V4L driver, enabling popular V4L applications such as Xawtv to display pictures from the webcam. Creative claims driver is in Linux Kernel. The developers’ list, like the users’ list, is reflected to Usenet at gmane.


Ubbuntu cam, ubutnu works too.

Download it from our Sourceforge release page. Logitech Quockcam Express Pro The built-in microphone doesn’t work, although it is seen by ALSA. Works out of the box with Skype 2. Works fine out of the box with 2.

Linux Driver for Quickcam USB cameras

No issues compared to what was reported for 7. Ekiga works too after defining input sources to USB2. Logitech Quickcam Pro 7.