So much so that I recently went on ebay and bought a few, then newegg for some extra batteries, and have multiple working ones in case one ever dies again. It greatly reduced elbow and shoulder movement. I was pretty apathetic in the mouse discussion for a long time. I tried the MX Master for a bit, but I found the arc too be too small. Prosumers, if you will. MooseAreFun “I’m not Canadian. I really like how my side buttons are set up if I do say so myself.

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You are supposed mous wrap the band around your finger, but I used it more like a pen. Tried one out after my wrist started giving me problems with extended mouse use.

Still being the best thumb trackball not many choices I’ve found, I replaced with the same model.

Mouse You Use with Linux

For anyone also interested, I think it’s this one: I’m always bumping it by accident, and stopping the motion after a scroll usually ends up back tracking slightly. Totally useless to a left handed person. Is there ever going to be m-bq47 Linux drivers?

I can’t get past the slight decrease in responsiveness of wireless mice. I kouse like the way it feels and prefer it to the super smooth glass or squishy mouse mats it just feels right to me. I got a very nice deal on a Weyes 6d gaming mouse.



If you want a universal receiver, you’d better buy a Bluetooth mous and Bluetooth mouses. I switched to Trackball to relief some pain caused by the normal mouse. Mar 3, Posts: Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 for work, because of its uber-confort and its great dedicated double-click button, but slight lack of precision.

This mouse has support for multiple profiles and responsiveness which you can switch on the fly. It definitely takes some getting used to.

At work I try to touch the mouse as little as possible, but for gaming and design I’ve been using the Logitech GS: The battery life on the M is so great and I never have to think about it. Tue Nov 07, 2: The moment there is a slight curvature or protrusion on one side, it becomes useless to a left handed person.

Wednesday, March 09, 9: I love the scroll bar?

Finding the Perfect Mouse – Scott Hanselman

I use the Anker at work, and logotech a cheapie mouse it really helps my wrist feel better. I got tired of forgetting to throw the mouse in my laptop bag when going out, so I bought a MX Anywhere 2.


I used to buy very cheap mice in the 90s and never really saw the benefit of an expensive pointing device until I used a Logitech Trackman Marble Wheel c. I’m using the Logitech G Thursday, March 10, In my searches for a perfect mouse I stopped with the CAD mouse from 3dconnexion: Because I have yet to find a mouse that is more forgiving to my wrist and fingers. Mar 21, Posts: At home I’ve always used a trackball but those logittech to be harder and harder to find. I eventually committed to the MX anywhere 2, it cost an arm and a leg, but I finally found mousing Nirvana.

Logitech USB Ergonomic Mouseman Mouse Gray White M-ba47 | eBay

I agree with Meh and the gaming mouse guys. I’ve been using the Logitech Performance MX at work for the last few years and thought it was about as good as a mouse could get. Be sure to check out http: