Please give this build a try, and see if it doesn’t fare much better: It appears it is a timing issue with fast CPUs http: Hi, I manage to get readings from my RM remote antec fusion remote using: Apparently not every distribution has usbfs mounted. No such file or directory Mar 10 The next step is to convert the symbols to configure the systemd service.

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When we have 28 samples in a consistent direction, we report an arrow key event. Comment 4 Jarod Wilson Litc kernels, like the F14 one, should have more complete keytables to begin with, but you can also upload new mappings from userspace using ir-keytable in the v4l-utils package. Everything should be fine hopefully Congratulations If you made it this far, then you must have unknoan everything working. But the vast majority of buttons should use standard symbols.

Welcome to the LIRC 0.9.0 Manual

I am currently hoping that the next version is more MythTV-friendly. If running multiple jnknown capture devices you need to connect them using the –listen and –connect options. The first way is to run irexec as a system daemon.

How can I make it so that holding a button down registers multiple events? However, I get no sign of life from the VFD display – screen is blank. If this becomes a problem, you should address the device using it’s name or it’s physical bus address.


Configuration guide

This requires modprobe 1 configurationi. It didn’t come with a remote. Feel free to add a reference to a launchpad bug in here though, and I’ll monitor it and provide any help I can over there, if someone can explain what code is actually being exercised.

Thanks in advance, Tom. Often a more recent Fedora release includes newer upstream software that fixes bugs or makes them obsolete. This section is parsed by the lircd-setup tool which runs as root when lircd unlnown started.

Removing the -r got rid of those release events that was silly of mebut it didn’t seem to have much if any impact on the repeat rate.

– Lirc stopped working with imon device in kernel

It needs to be inspected and tweaked before it actually does it’s job. When doing so, it will try to match input with each configuration until there is a match.

Each instance must have unique –device–output and –pidfile options. Can anyone help please.

Lifting this limitation is one of the todo items for future releases. For known cases the lirc-setup tool generates blacklisting configuration files. Version-Release number of selected component if applicable: Ps I am a ubuntu 8. Looks like you’re trying to use an IR protocol this device does not support [ Failed to initialize hardware This is a completely different problem from the imon problem, needs to be tracked separately.


Failed to initialize hardware May 6 The driver operates as both a keypad and a mouse device, defaulting to mouse mode at startup, as that’s the more useful function in most cases, until an application is started up possibly by using the remote’s mouse functionality to launch it.

LIRC – Linux Infrared Remote Control

One is to patch the lircd. I am the happy owner of a Zalman HDPlus case.

The only situation where the described procedure will not work is when you have two devices that both use a kernel driver that can only handle one device at once like e. The code is ordinary shell registrr.

Comment 74 Jarod Wilson The other is to use the –effective-user option.