It works a treat. Do I even need this thing? That’s what I want to know! Next go to your older laptop with the WPC11 Proffitt Forum moderator December 4, Linksys has a good product, but terrible set up instructions. I’m not one to give up on anything, but i can’t seem to figure this enigma out on my own and I’m the type of person where things eat away at me and just about drive me crazy until I figure them out

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Linksys WRE54G Wireless-G Range Expander Setup Wizard

The WRE54g mimics the security settings of the router, so there is no need to connect to the WRE54G to congigure it, no one else wr54g connect to it once it’s secured to your network which step 4 takes care of. I found that the Setup Wizard CD makes a great dog toy It’s now part of click script kiddie tools.

I was even going to take a Linksys WRT54G wireless router, flash it with a 3rd party firmware and use it as a universal repeater, but there isn’t any firmware rqnge for the version 8 lolwouldn’t ya know it!

Now you should have 64 bit WEP encrypted wireless! So, I’m determined to figure it out, probably won’t stop until someone tells me that there is just no way it is going to work and the fine people at linksys are not going to say that I don’t think. PS is it to late to return it to the store and get a later version, Tell’em it won’t work in your network? Now on the reality side, for people with upstairs down stairs configurations or maybe a church setting with a separate gym these things are perfect let your consumer level Linksys router distribute WiFi to the ground floor for example and plug the WRE54G in upstairs.


There is a port on the WRE54G on the front under a little flip door well hidden. Maybe the guy in the outhouse only needs 54mbps instead of … Who knows! In order to administer the repeater and join it to my network I had to set up its connection with another router and then reconfigure it to join my network. Now, the setup program says that it cannot find an extender on my network. If you have version 1. As it is, the expander is useless. See all 2 brand new listings. I wasn’t able to notice, but those of you who are changing the SSID, are you connecting to your source via cable or wireless?

Symptoms then become of machines not being able to see each other, or loss of external networking. Full story at http: Promote cracked software, or other illegal content Offensive: The installer software that comes on the CD goes through a setup path that is to set the device up through your current wireless but it can’t connect to the device unless it is on your network “Wired”.

This “relay station” or “repeater” approach saves wiring costs and helps rnage build wireless infrastructure by driving signals into even those distant, reflective corners and hard-to-reach areas where wireless coverage is spotty expajder cabling is impractical. I have a Belkin wireless router F5D This appears to be the version 1 no cat5 plug in. Can’t get 2 blue lights.


Linksys Wireless-G Range Expander WRE54G – repeater WRE54G WRE54GCU | eBay

Don’t forget MAC filtering. I bought this in an attempt to extend my wireless signal in my plaster filled house.

If you are running Windows 7 install the “Xirrus Wi-fi Monitor” epxander gadget and it will show 2 SSID’s eange allow you to look at signal strength and frequency, and mac address of each device under windows 7. Did you mean to drop your query in the middle of someone else’s discussion?

Basically anything that is on the same rrange as your wireless router or extender 2. In case your Sq. Flaming or offending other users Illegal activities: After you unhook and move to a final destination, it should work as soon as ya plug it in.

It works with both Wireless-G and Wireless-B clients so you’ll get the benefits of increased coverage, even with a mixed network. Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post.

No where in the setup software nor the PDF manual included on the disk does it tell you this important fa ct. It worked for about 6 weeks, then failed.

At the end of the night, I left the booster as the same SSID as the wireless router, enabled WEP back onto both of them, and everything was working fine. Expader the wre to the router, The router must already be configured, Security, etc.