It worked like a charm for me: It worked, although very slowly. Need to transfer and edit data from your mobile device to your computer? I’m trying to use a USB cable. All replies Drop Down menu.

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So I know that’s workiing. No thanks Submit review. Then I downloaded Bitpim, and when it looked for the phone, it found the ev2 Bluetooth Serial port info.

Sanyo SCP New phone support: I will get around to it later. If you have more questions, ask here! I did find Bitpim’s interface a little sparse and didn’t really like how it opened numerous windows at startup. I can’t say what happens with a USB cable In any case, what would the point in that be?

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I don’t know how much of what I did was required, but it seems to work now just peachy. Run bitpim as root and tell it to search for a new phone. I have a emv2 it’s more likely that LG engineers just don’t use Macs. BTProximity sees the device and locks the system accordingly. Download and installation help.


BitPim as root or regular user refuses to see or find anything. Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. I just pg to figure out how to do all of that because i have just been using ubuntu linux for about a week now.

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It worked like a charm for me: Ask a question Reset. Feb 28, 1: Softonic review Bitpim allows you to transfer and edit data from your mobile device to your computer and back.

Brave blocks unwanted content by default and keeps count. Once the data is uploaded to the Bitpim program you can edit it and make any changes. Your review for BitPim. Install now to protect your privacy. Bltpim it even really require SyncML to work? Most modern phones allow you to send contacts as vCards via Bluetooth.

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I bought and installed a new nano bluetooth usb2. It normally lists everything, from your calendar to contacts and messages to music and wallpapers. User reviews about BitPim Review.


BlueZ that ships with Jaunty is a piece of junk at this point. I have an enV2 also, and use bitpim Julian Wright Julian Wright. They have to reverse engineer each individual phones communications protocols then incorporate that code into BitPIM every time a new phone comes out.