Ni E7 Vocht H. Sivaraman have been good enough to place at its disposal. Logarithms of gamma function. Bibliographie francaise de la Hongrie, Short table of integrals. Marlborough’s German technical words and phrases. As their titles show they dealt with the technical and practical aspects of library work:

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Catalog of Lexmark models

List of recent engineer- ing articles. Stream-gauging stations and pub- lications relating to water resources. The language number is taken from the schedule of languages used in constructing Class Numbers; but the year number is got from the following schedule: Dictionary of British scientific instruments.

Catalogue of Pali and Burmese books and mss. Lsxico — de las presse francaise.

Record of the scientific work of Sir James Dewar. Catalogue of Persian printed books. N24 F4; F5 Bibliographia technica. Bohemian bibliographyj a finding list of writings in English relating to Bohemia and the Cechs.

: Sitemap

N32 Airplane patent digest. How to find metallurgical infor- mation. Chronological tables for Southern India prinetr the sixth century A. Les supercheries litteraires devoilees. Tiroler anonymen iind pseudonymen Lexikon mit Register der Autoren und Mono- gramme.


N3 G2 Cardinall A. English- Malayalam sanketika nighandu. Appleyard Rollo and Cooper W.

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The Association hopes that this volume will circulate as widely as its predecessors and that it will help libraries in India and elsewhere to organize their work in an efficient, scientific and serviceable way. In medieval India dictionaries and indexes, which are beyond ilotibt reference books, were learat by heart with the iniphcation that they were read and recited continuously.

Short title catalogue of books printed in England, Scotland and Ireland and of the English books printed abroad. Mathematical facts and formuiae, Blackie. N00 Daily Mail yearbook.

Mathe- matical tables and formulas. United States, Industrial research laboratories.

printdr Biblio- graphy of fifteenth century literature, with special reference to the history of English z7735. N30 New international yearbook. A sylow factor table of the first twelve thousand numbers giving the possible number of sylow sub-groups of a group of given order between the limits of 0 to OM,P, Bibliographical Society illustrated mono- graphs, In his lectures an study metliods he once expounded to the freshmen of the college how a dictionary could be read continuously and how he himself used to read it in that way.


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Ukazatel zhumal noi litera- tury, Moscow. Investigation in foreign national libraries will then be more purposive, directed and economical Secondly, some clarification has been obtained ill the great undertaking, that lies ahead of us, to bring out a comprAensive Tamil bibliography in about five volumes. NO El Foxcoft A. F3 British Engineerinc Standards Association. Parallel tables of logarithms and squares.