Even if you have a fast connection for your card reader, system overheads and other bottlenecks have an effect on real world transfer rates. This is contrary to the advice for some USB devices where you need to install the driver first, and only then connect the device. In order to be used, drivers must be installed. Is Compact Flash on the way out? When this happens most of the time this user has had to reboot the computer in order for it to again recognize the CompactFlash card. So how can these differences be explained?

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My hunch is that a very high specification laptop will get more out of the Lexar Pro ExpressCard reader than one like we tested it on.

Accessories – Lexar Professional ExpressCard CF card reader – Digital Photography Now

If you do this with the Lexar ExpressCard, like I did, you will end up scratching your head wondering why the driver installation kept on failing. Rated 1 out of 5 by jojo from Not Impressed This would be a handy item to have if it only worked reliably with a 64bit operating system which it does not. Day 1 Next comactflash It has an compactflaeh card slot, providing added card protection.

It really works on my MBP 15 Retina! The only problem is that older CF cards mainly slower than x, or ones that don’t indicate they are UDMA class don’t work at all well with the Lexar ExpressCard reader. Rated 3 out of 5 by Adam B.


It also promises, on paper, much faster transfer rates to and from your compact flash reacer cards than standard USB 2. No expresscars cables are needed and it connects directly to your computers PCIe Bus interface.

I have the USB 2. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Email. Once again, although the Lexar Pro x card was clearly faster than a x card, it wasn’t by the kind of margin indicated by the relative speed rating.

Lexar Professional ExpressCard CompactFlash Reader 2.5 Gbps

Open finder or Windoze Explorer and copy over files. In other words, the USB connections we are all familiar with becomes a bottleneck and slows these cards down. Unfortunately, compactflasy have no plans on releasing an update for that reader since things have been leaning more towards Thunderbolt series and USB 3. Extra-Deep Card Slot The reader also boasts an extra-deep card slot for less card exposure, lexxar helps protect your card against bumps, dislodging, and physical damage.

I think I made the right one. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

You are warned that you have to download and install the driver before exrpesscard the card, but it’s not clear that the ExpressCard reader needs to be mounted in its slot before the driver can be installed successfully.

Later I would find out that the computer had a kernel panic and needed to be restarted.

However it tends to frequently pop right back out when first being pushed into the PCIe bus interface. News from the Focus on Imaging Show: Basically, can read and write data to larger and faster spinning hard disk much faster than slower spinning and smaller drives.


This article does get slightly technical So how can these differences be explained? See any errors on this page? The other concern I have in using it is locating a small container to store it in when not in use to protect it from mechanical shock as well as keep foreign compactflaash out of its components.

One thing that I feel could be improved is the instructions for installing the software driver. There are high-performance reaver available with RPM hard disks and very fast CPUs and sub-systems that will undoubtedly deliver better performance, especially compactflasg the faster cards, when using the Lexar Pro ExpressCard CF card reader.

Not only allows quick transfer of all photos in Aperture, i also use it to transcode in log and transfer Final Lexag Pro via the plugin video shot on my 5D. Jay Taylor February 13, at So I mostly use 2 hands and hold the reader into the computer, while removing the CF card. It is several times faster than any USB reader.

In other words ExpressCards can be up to 5. When we used the USB 2.