Self-balancing robots of various levels of complexity are a relatively common project in the hacker world. Your phone has a push notification. Take a look at the video below and judge for yourself. From there he added an ATtiny85 which will take care of the stepping protocol necessary to move the motor. In it he covers all of the different situations your robot might face and how to deal with them. How do you solve that problem? He was able to get it running with an Arduino in no time so he decided to take the project a little bit further.

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The L motor driver IC is a very popular but hard to use chip.

Motor Drivers

The indicator LEDs on the kit also make for a cool light show in the clear servo case, or as part of a breadboard-mounted motor driver. How do you solve that problem? Don’t want to drive a servo?

This lets you control the bot from essentially any device that has a browser, rather than having to use a dedicated hardware transmitter. Ideal for making pin-to-pin connections. The secret behind how it works is in the sounds the phone makes.

Such is the life of the hacker. You have an idea, maybe even buy some of the parts you need, and then…nothing. You Might Also Like [ Hide ]. This is the problem [Tegwyn] had to solve for another one of his Hackaday Prize entries.


An assorted bundle of all our flat-top wide-angle 5mm LEDs, and the best way to quickly restock your workbench. Your phone has a secget notification.

A piece of plywood makes up the primary structure, with the wheels glued to the bottom and the electronics taking up residence in the top.

Solarbotics L293D Secret Motor Driver

All of these problems can be solved with a buzzer or an LED. Secret Motor Driver – February 12, One of the things he was most interested in is the geared stepper motor seen above. Build details are sparse, but from what we can gather from the videos and the Hackaday. What he ended up with is a stepper motor driver which can be controlled over Bluetooth.

Want to turn a servo into a more powerful gear motor? The construction of this little bot is simple in the extreme. As we all know, sometimes the projects we plan simply never materialize.

Solarbotics LD Secret Motor Driver :: Solarbotics

Nope, no microcontroller here, just a full-blown cellphone used as the brains of this little robot. For vertical applications, it looks like some coils are used to hold the sled to the platen while others are used to propel it.


The touch tones, known as DTMF, are monitored by the circuit mounted on the front half of the chassis and are responsible for driving the motors. The oven timer is going secrdt.

As you can see in the clip after the jump, the rover can now be driven around using a Wii Nunchuck or via a USB connection.

We don’t blame you! This item was manufactured prior to Mltor 31, The Secret Motor Driver Kit replaces the guts of a standard servo with a logic-signal friendly LD motor driver chip!

He chose an Arduino variant, called the Ardweeny. Remember Me Forgot Your Password?

It’s a servo without pcb – all brawn, no brains! In it he covers all of the different situations your robot might face and how to deal with them. But for this hack, he focused on using the gearhead motors to make a programmable rover.