Couldn’t agree more especially with your sig. The same goes for the KTA. So after that I shutdown, took the old card out, then enabled my on board sound. So then I thought that maybe if I could get my computer to somehow “change up” the sound drivers a bit it would start to see my on board sound. I do seem to recall that there’s some weirness in the BIOS about the onboard audio, like two different settings or something like that. Finally, I would also tend to place more confidence in nVidea’s drivers than VIA’s, but we shall see

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Mar 27, Posts: I bet those pro apps have it though, atleast they aound. Nothing below 85hz for these eyes, even at x on a 19in.

In the end, I suspect the ‘key’ to the nForce vs. Gives vendors and users options for the future. This is just more mindless speculation, but it is their first dip into the mass market of motherboard chipsets, so don’t hold it against them to try this months down the road, as VIA has already confirmed its okay to do.

I hear Intel wants to dump the 1.

Nforce Vs. KT266A review

I do a lot of image-editing and I state from experience that Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator can make you wish for more than MB at times especially when dealing with large image files! Yeah, I almost got the to save some dough, but decided a GF3 Ti and a D would be worth the extra dough.


Amen to that, 6 days? Have you gone to the CMedia site? First big problem is I don’t have the original CD that came with the mobo.

So then I thought that maybe if I could dound my computer to somehow “change up” the sound drivers a bit it would start to see my on board sound.

Via KTa – Avid Pro Audio Community

Well, I fixed it. DaveGOD Nov 4,1: Point is, somewhere along the line someone told you “RAM is what really matters” and now your trying to maximize it. College Station, TX Registered: But I would agree that 1.

Either that or there’s a conspiracy between the software industry and the RAM industry to eliminate memory management entirely and force people like this guy to go out and buy 3GB of RAM. Oh, wait, the XBOX I thought that maybe it was drivers that my computer installed automatically that might have screwed it up.

Now, lets fill up all three slots Oh, and if the sales guy says 60hz at x is fine, slap him. Not having to osund video or sound cards nor a NIC means that the case will be less congested and air circulation should be much better. Want to play a game? Every time I click on a new link, Winamp just starts to stutter.


Therefore, I would also suggest to huong23 that he wait for the nForce boards to see how they pan out and how costly they are. This too would affect performance. I just think Microsoft refuses to hire anyone who puts the word “delete” into their source code.

If one isn’t into games, I don’t think you can find much fault with a GF2MX so again, it all depends on individual use. I can tell you about memory, and its utter mis-management.

I cannot get this working.

Start with a fairly basic system, using the integrated video, expand later. The big problem is that the onboard sound doesn’t work. They do teach memory management, in fact its part of Computer Science 2, a class I took in high school and am now being forced to take again as a freshman in college.

Don’t listen to any of this Huong23, I’m just making “false” speculations here.