The synthesizer itself is similar in design to the MS , but offers many more capabilities. News Location Social Media. Then check “Delete the driver software” and click [OK]. Korg provides no warranty in relation to any Third Party Software supplied and all warranties whether express or implied as to the condition, quality, performance, merchantability or fitness for purpose of the Third Party Software or any part of the same are in so far as may be permitted by law hereby excluded. The Radias also has a software-based sound editor that is compatible with the newest versions of Windows and OSX.

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This is to enable external recording of midi, because without, every note would appear twice, from the keyboard directly and through the sequencer. Steps taken so far: Try clicking and dragging the bottom of the track to see if it appears. I kog a Radias synth and want to purchase it.

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This software can be used for the following products as well. I thought I was already on that driver, but alas I was not, and the change shortened the latency to almost nothing.

Headings have been included for convenience only and shall not be used in construing any provision in this Agreement. Korg reserves the right to amend any such policies from time to time in its absolute discretion.

GENERAL The license created by this agreement is personal to you and you may not assign or otherwise transfer your rights or obligations under this agreement without the prior written consent of Korg.


Korg also has excellent customer service, and the owner’s manual for the Radias is very comprehensive and clearly explains raeias many functions. I remember seeing it in one of the tutorial videos I watched and looked for it, but its not there.


I do appreciate your help, thanks. It separates the synth-section from the keyboard. Edit – sorry, you said you can. News Location Social Media. Then check “Delete the driver mici and click [OK]. If you use Grandstage: If you want to try recording with the Virtual Midi Keyboard do the following: You may not transfer the Licensed Program to another computer through a network.

When the Licensed Program or associated Korg product s is discontinued, the support services will be terminated after 12 months from such kidi. If anyone can think of where I may have gone wrong I would appreciate it.

It has been used by Jordan Ruddess and Tangerine Dream. Check this Korg discussion: Well, radiae installed, still no MIDI activity Overall, this synthesizer is a nice addition to anybody’s set-up.

Korg reserves the right to amend any such policies from time to time in its absolute discretion. The Licensed Program and rdaias manuals or other written documentation supplied with the Licensed Program belongs to you. Perhaps we can go over some more details tomorrow. Korg, in no event, will be liable for the direct, derivative, collateral or consequential damage caused by the use of or the inability of using the Licensed Program including but not limited to damage of data, lost commercial profit, interruption of radiaa, lost commercial information kirg, regardless of the degree of damages, and even if Korg was aware of the possibility of such damages or the possibility of kor claim for damage from a third party in advance.


The Radias comes loaded with 33 different effects: All references to the Licensed Program shall mean the object code only of the program s comprising the Licensed Program. It also has two step sequencers they can be combined for a step on a single timbre. It is capable of emulating older digital synthesizers and classic analog synthesizers like the MS-series without any noise or aliasing.

KORG USB-MIDI Driver/KORG USB-MIDI Driver (for Windows 10)

For the purpose of protecting such copyrights, you may not decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer, or otherwise reduce the Licensed Mdii to a human-perceivable form save as may be permitted by law.

This warranty shall however only apply to the latest version of the Licensed Program provided that Korg has reasonably made such version available to you and shall not apply to any previous version or versions of the Licensed Program. If you are getting absolutely no response from your hardware midi keyboard then there is obviously a problem there.