The area shown by the viewfinder is shifted to the upper left-hand corner of the image actually captured. The DC20 only had the most basic features of a digital camera: Additional Features Self-Timer Delay. This page was last edited on 10 March , at Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Dec 19, Want to take better photos and videos?

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Digital Cameras – Kodak DC Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Focus at infinity does indeed appear soft. Also, laptop users are likely to have PC-card slots available see belowmaking the IrDA capability redundant.

For a reference image, check the “far field” house image on the DC Pictures Page. A full description would take more verbiage than either we or our readers are likely to have time for here, but suffice to say we found the interface very effective, once we got used to it, rapidly scrolling back and forth between images, deleting those we chose to, or zooming in on them for closer inspection. This performance clearly reflects the capabilities of the “megapixel” sensor used in the DC Power Power for the DC is provided by 4 internal AA batteries, or by an optional AC adapter that can significantly extend battery life if you’re doing a lot of downloads via the serial port.

This page was last edited on 10 Marchat This is a welcome departure from Kodak’s previous use of proprietary file formats for removable camera storage: Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Nov 5, The small brooch in the “macro” test shot is about 1.


Kodak Dc Plus – Digital Camera Specifications | eBay

To download images from the camera via the serial port, you must turn the camera on and put it into “connect” mode. While you can control the camera from the computer, the length of time it takes to transfer a high-resolution image over a pokey serial cable means it isn’t too practical to do so.

At other times, the LCD is used for reviewing previously-captured photos, or for setting camera status. The result is a camera that’s very easy to configure and use, despite its flexibility. As we mentioned earlier, LCD panels on digital cameras can really “eat” batteries, and the DC’s is no exception.

Given the size of the DC’s images though, serial transfer can be tedious, even at the Kbaud maximum transfer rate.

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Real estate agents have taken to it in droves, thanks to its ability to show more of a room, when shooting through a doorway.

Want to take better photos and videos? Although the combination of fixed focus with “live” LCD preview in the macro mode worked quite well, we would have preferred some ability to focus the lens for different subject distances.

There was also an add-on photo flash unit made by Kodak.

In our testing, the flash performed well within its specified range, and was also able to throttle-down effectively for macro work. A top-facing LCD readout shows camera status, including compression setting, resolution mode, pictures remaining, battery condition, flash mode, and whether or not a memory card is present in the camera.


Kodak DC210 Plus Zoom (1998)

Like most digital cameras, it has a serial port allowing it to connect to either Windows or Mac machines with a simple serial cable. As CCD quality has improved, long exposure times have become practical for inexpensive digital cameras.

Rc210 System Optical Zoom. This may sound like a lot of buttons, but we found the control layout and operation to be very logical.

Included Memory Card Capacity. Pushing the blue “ok” button zooms it up to fill the full screen, but even at ,odak display size, you’re obviously still not going to be able to see every one of the million pixels in the image.

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However, it boasted a larger x pixel CCD sensor and built-in photo flash. AA – alkaline – standard form factor. Additional Features Self-Timer Delay.

The DC takes consistently high quality images, with excellent resolution, and some of the best color we’ve seen to date in a digital camera.

The DC20 only had the most basic features of a digital camera: