The downside for me, though, was that I was having to work harder to get depth on my shots. It played super fast, and I could get the racquet going quickly through the air. I ended up adjusting and serving fine with it, but it took some effort to serve well during this playtest. What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. This spec is slightly outside of my wheelhouse about a full ounce lighter than my customized RF97 Autograph , and to be honest, I thought the swingweight was much lower than what the specs indicate. All content copyright Tennis Warehouse. For the most part, our playtesters enjoyed the plush comfort and control that the Ki 5 provided for our groundstrokes.

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The unique Kinetic technology gave the racket a very soft, yet solid feel 32 we all enjoyed. The command that this racquet provided allowed me to place my serves with confidence. The Ki5 is stiffer than the older model, but it’s still very arm friendly. Chris put the racquet’s solid feel to use at net, but he also found room for improvement when volleying with the Ki 5 I found it to be a good alternative when I was doing isolation drills and I was focusing on getting every ball back.

Pro Kennex Ki 5 320 (older non 2018 model)

I don’t care if it feels stiff as long as it ksnnex hurt my arm. My favorite serve to hit with it was my kick serve.


What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. So if that’s not a possibility, you can go with a good multifilament string like Prince Premier Control or Dunlop DNA at say 54 pounds.

It lacked put-away power, and I was craving more plow through. A couple testers commented on how a little more weight distributed toward the hoop would have given the racquet a bit more plow through and spin potential, so that seems to be the trade-off for the excellent maneuverability.

The response of the Ki 5 felt comfortable even when the racquet was strung up with a firm co-poly string. You’ll find more information on cookies at Data Protection. The feel was, once again, plush, yet responsive and solid, leaving me in complete control of my volleys.

I have played all 3 previous variation of the ProKennex Ki 5 also 2 olderthe previous Even this racquet won’t protect you from dead poly. I found the power more useful and had some solid success bailing myself out from a position deep behind the baseline.

Downsides Lacks some plow through of heavier racquets. However, the racquet did feel stable. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us. She shared, “This was my first Kenjex playtest so I wasn’t sure what to kenmex.

There were some mixed feelings from our playtest team when it came to serving with the Ki 5 Summary The ProKennex Ki 5 turned out to be a pretty interesting playtest for us.


A little more weight in that area of the racket would have made it easier to just punch the ball back with good depth when we wanted to be a little kennx offensive. Powerful shots then but hardly out of control. Both racquets can be swung fast, but I found a bit more precision and control out of the ProKennex.

In addition, I found only average topspin due to the semi-dense 16×20 string pattern. I used to use full gut on it and a gut poly hybrid and really enjoyed the racquet. The Ki 5 offers a little more control than the Extreme Pro but not as much power and spin.

Dislikes Chris – “The Ki 5 lacked some feel, and I had to hold back on my approach shots a little to keep from overhitting. Troy – “The lack of plow through. I found enough spin to serve aggressively on second serves, but I was not 3220 monster spin by any means. Easy to keep balls in play.


I’m assuming you want an arm friendly string. The racquet swung fast, and I could really attack returns. Our team found the racket to be very plush and comfortable while offering good amounts of control and feel.