In scenario where payment is deducted from user, but ticket is not booked or confirmed, users are advised to check their booking status through email, SMS, online account — My Itineraries and Guest users through KSRTC website. For online booking, tickets are sent by email and SMS, besides update in My Itineraries of online user. Ideally, test cases that check error conditions are written separately from the functional test cases and should have steps to verify the error messages and logs. The benefits expected from the developed system outweigh the implementation costs. Depot Information Adds new depot information, modifying depot details, delete depot details and view all depot details. Understand the difference between raster and vector graphics.

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User cannot enter a data which is greater in size that the defined size of the field. It is important not to exert considerable effort at this stage only to find out that the project is not worthwhile or that there is a need significantly x the original goal.

However, cancellation charges will be worked out on the basic fare payable by the passenger and refund amount will be actual fare collected less cancellation fee.

Technical performance include issues such as determining whether the system can provide the right information for the organizations personnel, and whether the system can be organized so that it always delivers this information at the right place and on time.

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White box testing, however, is when the tester has access to the internal data structures, code and algorithms. Cancellation of online tickets by the user resefve confirmed through email, SMS and update in My itineraries of online users.


This testing is done with simple data. Executing byte code program using java interpreter Java Applets: Moving Between Fields The cursor normally starts at the first field. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you specifically acknowledge and agree to the aforesaid terms and conditions.

In case of cancellation of onward journey ticket, discount on return journey ticket will be withdrawn. JavaScript is a dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based language with first class functions. Physical characteristics include names of people form and document names or numbers, names of departments, master and transaction file locations and names of procedures. It is portable and it is platform neutral. Monday to Friday between The user is forbidden from the various internal operation of the system.

The following reeserve the commonly used buttons, links and interfaces used for easy page manipulation.

When the browser encounters such code it automatically download it and execute it. This is a language that follows object-oriented concept used to create executable contents such as applications and applets.

Reservation terms

The implementation phase deals with issues of quality, performance, baselines, libraries, and debugging. The user interface should be consistent so that the user can handle the application with ease and speed.

Modification of boarding points is allowed only for the boarding points available for the booked service. Since this system is ready to use in the organization, this system operationally feasible.


HTML can also describe, to some degree, the appearance and semantics of a document, and can include embedded scripting language code, which can affect the behavior of web browsers and other HTML processors. All browser based software executes at client side and hence in faster execution.

The document gives different software and hardware requirements of the system. But they put they forth some important comment that is desirable for the proposed system. It is difficult to handle all these files.

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I extend my heartfelt thanks to my parents, friends feserve well wishers for their support and timely help. One significant capability of the Internet Explorer is that support the embedded intrinsic and ActiveX controls within the Web pages, with which JavaScript can interact.

Also known as glass box testing. So it is easy to develop and debug the system.

New Franchisee Procedure

The Java programming language is indeed valuable for distributed network environments like web. This is essentially a validation exercise, and in many situations it is only a validation activity.

Passengers are reswrve to carry personal luggage upto 30 kg 15 kg for chargeable child without charges. Simulated usage of shared data areas and inter process communication is tested and individual subsystems are exercised through their input interface.