The performance of the card was good. I think the sticking-out box of the bigger cards do only contain connector stuff. We’ll have to investigate that in the future. Your name or email address: It gives two eSATA ports with amazing throughput at a great price. Share This Page Tweet. I found some other interesting slim cards:

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GrandesBollas Aug 29, If you esaha the same way about lightweight driver packages, forget about the included Delock driver CD it installs imicron kind of useless RAID tool which shows an ugly splash on system bootup. Both devices feel and look solid and well-built. I think the sticking-out box of the bigger cards do only contain connector stuff.

Also available labeled as OWC card. Introduction Oddly enough, there the JMB chip card won the comparison, since it is bootable!

I am curious what is acutally the maximum speed of the cards. Do you already have an account? I may get in touch with some faster HDD’s like the velociraptors in weeks – I will test if the cards will bottleneck then.

See Technical Specifications Tab for footnotes. If you do not have an eSATA capable drive enclosure exprssscard, they cost about 40 bucks. Most of those slide-in-cards do stick around 2cm out of the computer, plus additional 3cm of the eSATA cable jack. Judging by the negative esatx from Windows 7 and Vista users, Silicon Image seems like the better option.


The Lesser of Two Evils. I suggest latter, since those drivers are updated more often than the Delock site.

These are rare, however, and it is unclear how good the drivers are. Since I do not like fxpresscard sticking out cards, I searched for more compact ones and found two cards, offering one eSATA port each, fitting cleanly inside the slot and not sticking out far like other cards.

If you spend bucks on a slim eSATA card, you get a cheap and efficient interface expansion for your Vaio.

But I don’t write this blog to make money, and am happy to link to sites and stores that don’t pay anything. Perhaps I got a lemon Dell Latitude, Vostro, and Precision.

Even then, hot plug of the drive to the eSATA port randomly did not work either, so another sleep mode and wakeup was needed. You might also want to read these other posts The card came with an 8cm CD with totally outdated drivers.


Both cards work quite nicely on my Z. Hotplugging definitely isn’t working, even after updates to the latest drivers from jMicron. Will figure that out.

Expresscard ESATA 2ports chipset:Jmicron JMB362

Compared to USB 2. Dual-purpose devices concern me, since they leave more opportunity for vendors to cut corners or fail to properly integrate hardware and software, so I decided to stick to a single-purpose device.

For now, it seems that they are able to keep up with current drives. Perhaps you can add your experience with your card and what card you are using, too.

Sonnet – Tempo SATA ExpressCard/ 2-Port Serial ATA Host Controller

The performance of the card was good. Ultra Male Oct 16, What Notebook Should I Buy? I’ll report back if I get it working with an attached drive like whether you can boot from that drive. I really only bought this adapter because it was readily available and had native command queueing esaata.