The other implication is that any application using a type 1 driver is non-portable given the binding between the driver and platform. How do I modify the Yellowfin startup settings? JdbcOdbcDriver class is present in rt. Like type 4 drivers, the type 3 driver is written entirely in Java. It works perfectly, including encryption. I appreciate you being the only one among all viewers who wanted to help this newbie. On 24 Jun , at

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10 – JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver

How do I modify the Yellowfin startup settings? In such cases, the order in which the drivers are tested is com.ms.jdbc.odbc.jdbcodbcdrivre because the DriverManager will use the first driver it finds that can successfully connect to the given URL. However I am having a hard time finding out what to do about this.

Java platform Data access technologies.

Hi Hotovaga, Can you post the System attributes from the client? Normally, in pre Java 8 world, java. Sign up using Facebook.


In reply to this post by buttaches. Our broadcasts are still running even though we’ve deleted the Client Org that they were created within?

JDBCODBC Bridge driver

Hi buttaches, Thank you so much for your attention. Hi buttaches, Also, it shows that I’ve java 8 installed. This article needs additional citations for verification. JDBC technology drivers fit into one of four categories.

JDBC driver – Wikipedia

I’m currently working on a project for a class at my University. In reply to this post by Hotovaga Hi Hotovaga, The sun. I appreciate you being the only one among all viewers who wanted to help this newbie. The driver is platform-dependent as com.ms.jdbc.odbc.jdbcodbcdfiver makes use of ODBC which in turn depends on native libraries of the underlying operating system the JVM is running upon.

Moving the JDBC ODBC bridge from Java 7 to Java 8 | Administration

On Sat, 24 JunHotovaga wrote: This class is required to connect any database using Object database connectivity driver e. They install inside the Java Virtual Machine of the client. Pasted below, please find the System attributes for your kind concern: How to Calculate Difference between two Dates in J Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Oracle OCI driver is a type 2 driver. Driver class was removed from Java 8 so you’ll need to find an alternative driver to connect to MS Access.

How do multiple clients run the same report with different data sources? Sign up using Email and Password. How to find duplicate words in Java String? Must I download something separate?

It works perfectly, including encryption. Our database is huge, will Yellowfin be able to handle it?

How can I delete a tag in the database? How do I integrate Yellowfin with my application?