I designed this horn before I had a way to build it. I was crossing over the sub at 80Hz, and the midbass to the horn at Hz. BMS drivers require much less energy than conventional diaphragms, allowing a much higher SPL, less dynamic compression, an increase in transient response, and lower harmonic distortion than traditional designs. It wasn’t horrible, but nothing special. I did more extensive measurement work at this point and got the system eq’d fairly well. Originally Posted by Giskard. Originally Posted by Zilch.

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For the moment I will go on with mywhich are good drivers. Comb filtering gives un 24435 coverage, something that you can not hear in one spot. I think the aquaplas coating is highly audible and should result in a smoother sound. Last Jump to page: If this is the same model, then it will be very expensive.

JBL Professional HPL Compression Driver Beryllium Diaphragm Neo Magnet | eBay

I cobbled together a stand for the driver to place it above the midrange horn and retuned the top end of the system. When 24335 drivers reach their limit, these drivers just keep going. Last edited by soundmanshorty: I want to offer a few options in the high end system designs i create.


In the same vein, and the rest of them x has Silpad on the face for thermal conductivity to metal horns. I was asked off-forum my opinion on this topic thread and I think I have some useful and real world experience to add to the thread.

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No fins there, in any case Here’s the router after cutting out some of the parts for one of the horns. Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Find all posts by duron tarik.

Find all posts by allen. Directivity is spot on, but the response could be smoother. Don said in one of his posts that they had considered this but indicated they had abandoned it, as I recall. Sounds like a fun comparison.

Both companies have thier product readily available jvl me to use in my systems www. The ND is an un-believably clean and accurate driver that is capable of high output to a very low frequency with no distortion or clapping of the diaphragm. If the Be does not have ferrofluid, the larger back cap with fins would make sense for heat dissipation.


Originally Posted by Zilch. The D2 is much better.

Read times Too Tall Curtis H. Find all posts by clubman5. Though maybe I hallucinated all that. Originally Posted by der geile ami What do you hbl like about the sound? I recall the Be I examined did not have ferrofluid.

4-way Stereo System

Oh Well – BTW ; the recommended crossover point for this driver is around hz. Results 1 to 15 of The single subwoofer used is the primary output limitation on the system. I have measured some horns that at a glance look just like every other horn out there, but are actually a POS. It was similar with the other crossover points. Compresion driver shoot out.