Thanks for the review! The best way to develop IOIO apps is to have your phone plugged into your computer while writing and editing the code. My dear wife, kids and friends , who gave me the huge amount of support required for such a project and for patiently listening to my boring geeky stories all along. No marketing BS here. Also, check out this collection of IOIO based projects [15]. If you have any problems, see the Troubleshooting [6] section from developer.

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Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will otgg be published. The programming language used to write an Android app is Java.

Switch for forcing host mode for using non-standard USB cables, which are more common than the standard ones The questions are is the board damaged or is there some software configuration problem?

If you still can’t find the examples you are looking for, simply browsing the web will result in a ton of information and examples that show you wjndows to communicate with all of the great pieces of hardware within your Andriod device. It’s awesome of you to leave out your royalties! Timelapse Photography on an Android-Powered Dolly http: We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.


Microcontrollers, Electronics & Robotics: Go, Go, IOIO-On-The-Go!

IOIO project gallery links I’m collecting: I could use pins as PWM output I can control,pins as digital outputs and pins as analog inputs. I tried several cables and several apps, but no success. Chin Ghee Tan February 24, at 3: We are a professional review site that has advertisement and can receive compensation from the companies whose windoows we review.

October 11, at 3: January 25, at Aaron Weiss from SparkFun took part of the board design and walked me through the winding road of getting a product out the door.

More information on the Google USB driver is found here [14]. This is not my day-job. Tony July 16, at 1: Double click on the MainActivity.

IOIO-OTG board review

The project tree has many files. The development has been ohg ongoing process, with new features and bug fixes introduced on a regular basis.

To figure out what the errors are, Eclipse has tab called ‘Problems’ that shows you what errors you are getting. What is the feature that you’d like to see? There is an ever increasing number of applications that fall into this category, especially due to the attractiveness of using Android devices in physical computing applications, getting tons of sensors, internet connectivity, lots of computation ioiio, touch screen, etc.

One of the key factors in meeting this goal assuming the product is great, of course is making it affordable for as many people as possible. For instance, if you write code that doesn’t make sense, Eclipse will show a red x next to the line in question and even give you suggestions as to how to change the line of code.


Thanks for the review! With all the holy Atmel vs. Marketing has traditionally been quite low on my priority list: This page has been accessed 18, times. I used cheap Super Mini Bluetooth 2. Did the 9v battery work on the ioio board? In this situation, we need to link the IOIO library to our project, as outlined in the next step. Once you get to the point where you want to use the vast array of features on your Android, we suggest first looking at the technical resource [1] section on developer.

This app is a great starting point for making sure your development environment and the IOIO board is working correctly.

Because i am unable to find any bookonly video is uploaded.