When this happens, find the error code in the following table and try the solution given to attempt to correct the problem. Crystal The clock synthesizer of the MC can operate from an on-chip, phase- locked loop using an external crystal. If these parameters are not supplied, default values are substituted. Transmits the label gap output back to the host. Chapter 6 – Engineering drawing and schematic diagram of the main PCB. Search Login Cart 0 Your cart is empty.

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Remove the printhead cable. Printer has aborted and print speed and image bands were reset.

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Retain the washer located between the snap ring and subplate. The current in the winding is monitored measuring the voltage across the sense resistors Pribt, R22, R97, and R There are two FETs at each end of each motor phase.

Global Compensation Global compensation is the energy management to the printhead that affects all of the dots on the printhead. Invalid font transmission syntax. This causes the HF flag to go high.

A one-way clutch is part of each roller internec gear. Ship Free in Days. To clean the media guides and media path 1. Any slack in the cable should be arranged between the sensor and the cable clip on the extrusion.


At this point, all three available image bands have been filled. Best in Class Support. Image bands or print speed are incorrectly set.

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Replacing the Label Mark Sensor To replace the label mark sensor, you will need the following parts and tools: Replacing the Transformer To replace the transformer, you will need the following parts and tools: Batch Takeup A larger diameter liner takeup hub permits printed labels to be spooled for later use without causing as much label curl as the smaller diameter hub.

Printer Output Max Speed.

Check the bar code program command for accuracy. See Chapter 7, “Replacement Parts,” for a complete list of spare parts. The offers several options you might not expect from such an affordable printer.

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A good test will result in the following printout: Switch off the printer power and remove the power cord before cleaning any part of the printer. Applications Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Printer for high volume wide self-adhesive label, ticket and tag applications.


While they are printing, adjust the TTR supply hub up or down with the thumbscrew on the tool until ribbon wrinkling is eliminated. Reattach the front bezel cover to the printer. Printing has not begun. Instead, the printer produces output, even if it is erroneous, which gives you an pdint of what inteermec wrong and what should be done to correct the problem. Least significant bit first C: When an alignment is achieved that eliminates the ribbon wrinkling, tighten the two screws on the hub interec plate.

Install the thick steel washer removed in Step 5 above.

The following is a discussion of different types of environmental problems. To clean the rollers and tear bar 1. If the format still does not ihtermec, delete some fields or other data from the format. With font caching, a character is imaged into the cache the first time it is requested.

Wipe the cloth over the rollers, rotating each roller so that you clean all of it.